Day 503 / 6 April 2009

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Military news

Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia successfully takes Chongqing from Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan early this morning, and Icon-Poland.png Poland seizes Galicia from Icon-Romania.png Romania.

Romania attacks Urals (Icon-Norway.png Norway), North Caucasus (Norway), Guangxi (Pakistan), Guizhou (Pakistan) and Sichuan (Indonesia) simultaneously.

Icon-Italy.png Italy finishes conquering Lower Austria as part of their plan to "protect Austria against German imperialism".

Another resistance war is started in Baja, this time by Mdeusa03.

Political news

Presidential election day is over, and you may view the final results here.

PowerSweden, the South Korean president, is impeached on his first day of office by mr. brodie, and by default Toki Toki Wart00th becomes president.

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