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Complete history of Poland

Under occupation

Poland belonged to countries added from the very beginning of the New World and the eRepublik. At the start, so as all other countries, Poland had very small population. On May 1st, 2008 outside Polish western border there were a start of the firsf Sweden-Germany War resulted with parting Germany to just 4 regions.
Germans wanting to get their old regions back, attacked Poland.

Even so, the fight was not as easy, as Germans had thought, mostly becouse of help given from Polish allies. But as the time went, the allies was starting to back their forces from the battlefield, which nearly immediatly resulted in German counter ended with whole-Poland occupation.
Even so, Americans fought to the end capturing by themselves German capital - Berlin.

Poland was finally occupied fully by German and withdrew from the map on June 6th, 2008.

Calendary of most important events and their dates

05-06.2008 – Poland-Germany War

06.06.2008 – Poland fully occupied by Germans, end of the war