Hideyoshi Nicolas

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Hideyoshi Nicolas

69 Message

Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
National rank 20
Date of birth 27th February 2010
Residence Jeju, Japan
Sex Male
Political party United Lolies of Japan
Newspaper Dark Side Times
President of France
05 January 2011 – 06 February 2011
Preceded by Koratos
Succeeded by Kallmar
05 July 2011 – 06 August 2011
Preceded by Tifididl
Succeeded by cyrano24100
05 May 2013 – 06 June 2013
Preceded by Desperados51
Succeeded by Jessica Binai
Military rank Icon rank God of War**.png God of War**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Nicolas Bonaparte is a citizen of Icon-Japan.png Japan.


Nicolas Bonaparte is an older french player. Currently, he's the vice president of eFrance. He is still a member of the Ordre66.

The beginning (Year 2010)

During the months of March and April 2010, Nicolas Bonaparte was a 2-click and he didn't participate at the community. At the end of April 2010, he joined the party of Courant Alternatif and he failed in the legislative election on April 25. But a month later, he was elected for the first time at the congress. In June 2010, he joined the French Diplomatic Corps and he was ambassador to Icon-Romania.png Romania, but he failed a second time to be congressman. During the presidency of Myyst, in July 2010, he was assistant to the Ministry of Solidarity. On 25 July, he was also elected congressman for the second time. In August 2010, OnlyP gave him the post of Minister of Solidarity (MinSol) with Koratos and was elected a third time congressman. He also changed his embassy in Icon-Hungary.png Hungary. Preferring to focus on the MinSol, he didn't run for the Congress in September 2010. In October 2010, he remained in the MinSol and he was elected congressman again. But it was in November 2010 that he had an important position in a government. Indeed, he was the vice president of France during the first term of Yakou. He was elected for the fifth time at the Congress. While he was Koratos' MinSol, he organized a impeachment against him after the agreement of Poitou with Poland. But he failed in his attempt of putsch. Preparing his candidacy for the presidential election, he did not run for the congress election. He also changed his embassy in Icon-Greece.png Greece.

The apogee (Year 2011)

During his first term as president, he attacked Icon-Spain.png Spain (which failed due to lack of supports) and Icon-Italy.png Italy with Icon-Germany.png Germany and Icon-Slovenia.png Slovenia. But the operation was aborted because Icon-Italy.png Italy was supported by EDEN and TERRA. At the end of his term, he joined TERRA. In February 2011, he was the advisor Kallmar but given the difference of opinion between the two, Nicolas Bonaparte resigned and was part of the opposition. In March 2011, he returned to MinSol during the term of Asiah425 and he was congressman in Icon-Brazil.png Brazil. Next month, he became the assistant of Secretary of State Embassies and congressman in Brazil again but he had to return to France. In May 2011, he was the vice president of Tototwalker and returned again to MinSol the following month. He was elected congressman on June 25 and ten days later, he became president of France for the second time. At the end of his presidency, he left the Courant Alternatif to go to the Culte Du Vin Chez Droopy32. He was the advisor of cyrano24100 during his term and congressman in Icon-Brazil.png Brazil (with O.D.I.N.) in August 2011. In September 2011, he was MoFA in Brazil. But he had to resign in order to return to France and become a congressman. He also changed his embassy in Icon-Croatia.png Croatia. In October 2011, he retrieves the position of assistant of Secretary of State Embassies. The following month, he became MoD during the term of Creon Mista but he resigned due to inactivity. In December 2011, he left France for Ireland and became Chief of Staff in the government of ChewChewShoe and congressman. He also changed his embassy in Icon-Portugal.png Portugal.

Specializing in Foreign Affairs (Year 2012-2013)

Nicolas Bonaparte became Secretary of State Embassies for 4 months between January and April 2012. During this 4 month, he was twice elected to Congress (January and March) In May 2012, he became one of the ministers of solidarity. After this, he went to Icon-Australia.png Australia. In June 2012, he was assistant to the Minister of Australian solidarity. On June 25, he was elected congressman. And in July 2012, he was appointed MoFA in the European area. He returned to France in August 2012 as MoFA during the term of Torfyn. After his term, he went to Icon-Colombia.png Colombia for 3 months when he was ambassador. When he returned to France, he was MoFA during the last two months of 2012. But he returned to Icon-Ireland.png Ireland in December 2012.

On 25 January 2013, he was elected congressman for the second time in Icon-Ireland.png Ireland. Ten days later, he was appointed Jessica Binai's MoFA. In March 2013, he returned to France to seek the presidency. But he failed in the presidential election against Desperados51 finishing 3rd with 22%. For two months (March and April), he was twice elected congressman and Secretary of State Embassies. In May 2013, he tried again the presidency. Due to the abandonment of his main competitor, he was elected easily. He spent his mandate to manage the current business due to the unstable geopolitical situation. After his term, he was MoFA in June and July, continuing the work done previously.

New life in eJapan

At the end of July 2013, he went to Icon-Japan.png Japan. He joined the party of the United Lolies of Japan and the MU of Imperial Japanese Army. In August 2013, he was the Vice President of France and the Japanese History Director. In September 2013, he was Minister of Education and History Director again.

In February 2014, he changed his name IG by Hideyoshi Nicolas.