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Nationality Flag-Germany.jpg German
National rank 27
Date of birth 1 August 2009
Date of death July 2011
Residence Maharashtra
Ambassador to Indonesia of Germany
September 2009 – February 2010
Party president of Sozialdemokratische Partei eD
16 October 2009 – 16 Dezember 2009
Preceded by KirKanos
Succeeded by Nymphe
Leader of Terror & Destruction Organisation
December 2009 – evolved to FSK
Minister of Interior of Germany
5 November 2009 – 5 March 2010
Preceded by omg_87
Succeeded by KirKanos
Minister of Defense of India
5 August 2010 – 5 Oktober 2010
Preceded by come2findu
Succeeded by David Forde
President of India
5 Oktober 2010 – 5 December 2010
Preceded by Dharma Vardhan
Succeeded by Swathikrishnan
Military unit Fliegendes Suizid Kommando
Military rank Icon rank Colonel*.png Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen


"Wenn Ideale und jene Ehre, die sich aus der Erklärung dieser Ideale ergibt, erst einmal untergeordnet wurden, können sie nie wieder zurückgewonnen werden, außer, leider, durch ungehemmte Zurückweisung, die ausnahmslos vom gemeinen Volk ausgeht - und zwar dann, wenn ein ganz besonderer Augenblick mit einem einzelnen Ereignis von so unverschämter Ungerechtigkeit zusammentrifft, dass eine Revolution die einzig vernünftige Antwort darstellt."


  • came from an other browsergame called icewars with a group of ap. 60-70 players
  • those players gave themselve the name 'rosa hasen', which is a reference to the famous pink bunny, symbol of icewars
  • started to work in the companies of the group in Germany, Indonesia ans Russia, always learning and establishing contacts
  • was one of their several speakers in the egerman public. became noticed during an unpleasant incident, when the then-minister of interior Letnix used his boardrights and attempted to infiltrate and later disparage the 'rosa hasen' as polish TO group. the furious and adamant reaction forced Letnix to withdraw and suffer a severe damage on his reputation
  • in a last-minute decision Iseutz joined the SPeD in october 2009 and became the new PP, based both on his convincing appearance in the german public and his support by the group 'rosa hasen'. made his opponent Walther Rathenau into vize-PP afterwards
  • transformed the SPeD in the next two month into the dominant political party, even outranking the old and respected OMG. forcing other parties to accept the policy of organizing the elections by actively moving voters
  • although asked, he didn't accede for a third time as PP, instead focusing on his duties as minister of interior and parallel founding a new party: TDO - Terror and Destruction Organisation together with the famous german players The German Eagle and Donnie Bronco
  • TDO is a non-political organisation, but using a party as flagship and shelter for interested citizens. secondly, the status as regular party offers the possibility to influence the inner-german politics, if it becomes necessary
  • in december 2009 moving to poland and lead a small scaled sabotage project against polish economy, to gather experience, which was useful later while the polish invasion in january and february 2010, when TDO started a second sabotage mission with much more members and noticable effect (both on polish companies and german moral)
  • since mid-january untill now participating to build up an independent paramilitary group as a branch of the TDO. the group is called 'Flying Suicide Commando' (german abbreviation is FSK). it's a reference to the movie 'life of brian'. their first noteworthy appearance was during the liberation of Hesse (Germany) and Cosica (France) on 14.03.2010
  • with the change to v2 in june 2010, he left the FSK and went to eIndia
  • he became indian MoD twice (august and september 2010), few times indian Congressman and finally the first two times consecutive indian CP ever (october and november 2010). Later he became vice-CP/advisor under his successor Swathikrishnan
  • in january 2011 he went back to eGermany and has been elected in the german congress. He also re-joined the FSK (egerman paramilitary goup) and became squadleader again
  • current activities are lobbying in favor of more paramilitary groups and several approaches for a more profesionalistic organisation of the egerman society


  • got polish citizenship by accident, after fooling around and requesting the citizenship while Poland had invaded Germany in jan'2010. Normally, there is absolutely no chance to get it, but one congresswomen didn't follow the polish laws about cs allocation.Hw was one of very few obviously hostile foreigners with official polish passport.


Icon achievement congressman on.gif 7x Congress member.
Icon achievement president on.gif 2x Country President.
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif 12x Super Soldier.
Icon achievement hardworker on.gif 21x Hard Worker