Israel First

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Israel First

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General Information
Country Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Abbreviation IF
Colors White and Blue
Founded 2010
President ArikAharon
Members 230
Congress Occupancy 12 congress members, 30% of Congress
Orientation Center-right
Ideology Libertarian


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Israel FIrst is the biggest party in israel. Israel First party served as the successor to the Shalom party and Sababa Party. It was founded around the time of the eIsraeli Communist Kibbutz Movement. The United Zionist Party would later merge into Israel first to make it the strongest party in terms of Numbers and Knesset control.

Israel First , for the eyes of many in israel - Is a symbol for unity. After israel was divided between Sababa and Shalom party,a small group of politicians from both sides choosed to creat one united party.

This treaty between Sababa and Shalom broke in April 2012,when Shalom party claimed that Sababa swallowed them,because of the larger amonts of members. They choosed to re-create Shalom party. Which now have only 15 members. However,Sababa leaders choose not the brake this agreement.

On May 2012,a new logo created by a member of the party.

Party President

Icon - Congress.jpg
Date Party President
January 2012 ArikAharon
February 2012 ArikAharon
March 2012 ArikAharon
April 2012 ArikAharon