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The Job market shows available jobs in the country you are currently located at.

  • You can view a different country's job market by using the drop-down menu located around the upper-right section of the page.
  • The list of jobs will show employers' avatar, employers' name, as well as salary offered (both gross and net).
  • To apply a job, press the "Apply" button. Acceptance is instant, but the employer may fire you at any time at their discretion.
    • If you already have a job, you must quit your current one before applying for a new one.

Job Hunting Tips and Info

  • If you are looking for a stable, secure job, you should probably determine how realistic the salary being offered is.
  • If you are a member of an organized military unit or are looking to join one, keep in mind that you may be asked or required to work in one of the unit-owned companies.

Note: You can move around and travel the New World without being forced to resign from your job.

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