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Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealander
National rank 683
Date of birth 19 September, 2009
Residence Otago
Sex Man
Faith Varnish
Press director of Iceism Sensation
24 October, 2009 – Now
Ambassador to North Korea of Spain
7 October, 2009 – 6 March, 2010
Congressman of Spain
26 April, 2010 – 25 May, 2010
26 August, 2010 – 25 September, 2010
Ambassador to Spain, Peru and Chile of New Zealand
7 January, 2011 – 5 March, 2011
Ambassador to New Zealand of Spain
7 March, 2011 – Present
Military unit Black Fear
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel**.png Lt Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Khebit is a proud old-citizen of Spain, member of the militia Black Fear and follower of Varnish


My life started a September 19th, in 2009. I sincerely don't know how I finished in Erepublik, or who brought me here. I only know that Javier Dinozzo was my father, as I was his referrer, but nothing else.

The beginnings

When I appeared in the New World, Spain had been conquered by both France and Brazil, so when I registered in Andalucia, my Real life homeland, I was in fact Brazilian. I'm sure that made me keep playing that game, as I couldn't stand seeing Brazil's flag next to me. The following days I worked and trained in Brazil, and after about a week, I finally moved to Asturias, capital and core region of Spain. There I kept working and training, but I became a 2-clicker. I joined Proyecto Fenix in October's first week, after reading about all Spanish parties. PF's manifesto, their ideas of a tecnocrathic country, convinced me, so I joined them at the forum. A lot of time after that, Proyecto Fenix is still 'my party', the one I remember with love and respect. It was in Proyecto Fenix where my life changed. After some days there, I enlisted for their militia, Black Fenix. This was what made me an active player.

Black Fenix

It was in Black Fenix were my e-life started to change. When I arrived I was a new citizen that just wanted to test all the aspects of the game. And I'm sure that, without the people I met there, the things we did, the time we spent chatting and fighting together, the game could have become boring for me - enough to leave it. The beginning were hard. You don't know nothing about the game but you want to get involves, so you pass the day asking everything to everybody. In those times many people helped me, and don't say names because I would forget some. In those times the Spanish invasion of France started, and so did the babyboom. Little by little, I started to understand the game, and I started to enjoy the game.

Meanwhile, in Iceland...

In the first week of October, I also joined the Icelandic Campaign after seen an article in the Spanish media. I passed a lot of months there, until I los activity in Summer 2010. When admin announced that 6 new countries were in the way to appear, I felt enthusiasthic, but finally Iceland wasn't in the list. That was the ultimate reason to give up. I passed a good time there, and met a lot of great people. Maybe my best friend there was Mappo aka Qwerty95, as we had tons of lulz talking about everything, doing stupid things and even creating religions (all hail Mother Iceland!). Also I remember people like Daniel Thorrold, Clonesean9 or Devioux. I will be looking forward to the day Iceland is added to the New World.

New Year, New Life

In February I started to be more involved in Politics, doing many things in PF. After having played a lot with the military, I decided it was time to try another game feature. In April, I decided to run for congress. That was definitely a crazy month, as I saw lulz everywhere. If I thought I wasn't ready for the congress or there were things I didn't knew yet, I was wrong. In Black Fenix, I started to have some very good friends, with which I passed hours and hours talking on irc. It's time to remember siibert, maybe the closest firend I've had in Erepublik, and who left the game in September, 2010. In that year's spring, we spent hours doing silly Trivias in rooms without door or windows, talking about everything, attacking everyone everywhere.

Rising (a.k.a. The End is near!)

With the arrival of Erepublik Rising, everything changed. It was summer, and I have planned to spent A LOT of time playing Erepublik as I was going to be more relaxed, but the new version was a huge disaster, so my plans had to change. Instead of having fun, I became almost a 2-clicker, although I entered the Congress for second month and I tried to became active in the Spanish outgame life. Black Fenix had disappeard, but the group of friends that was stayed alive, and we continued fighting at the same time and talking at the irc. When admin announced the addition of new countries, I finally saw the light. I thought Iceland was going to be selected, but it wasn't so I chose New Zealand as my new place to live, mainly because of the language and the place.

New Kheb! New Country! New Zealand!

In October 2010, admin announced the addition of 6 new countries. As New Zealand was an English-speaker country, I chosed it to be my next country. I arrived to fight against the Serbian-Slovenian PTO, and since the beginning I joined the PnPP, party where I met the people that is, in my opinion, the most hard-working of New Zealand. I helped then in the Congress and in the Presidential elections, but nothing could be done against the power of the Serbian block, who had always a big majority. I ran for Congress (epic fail, is epic: at the end I decided to leave and change my avatar to prevent people from voting me), and tried to be active in the forums. I also joined the first NZDF, and then Te Pori when the first one was disbanded due to the rivalries between the different people. The activity wasn't high, and in my opinion, there were no chances of a better future (at least in the near future) after the big fails in the land-swaps with Indo and Argentina. It was because of that that, the 6th March, I decided to leave and return to Spain, with the 70% get by loader in the Presidential elections as the main reason.


In Erepublik V1

The last day of eRepublik V1 version, he had the following skills:

Icon skill manufacturing.gif 8.74 Icon skill strength.gif 14.44 Icon General.jpg


He migrated his skills before the transition to V2 on day 959, and he appeared in V2 as:

Icon skill fitter.pngA File:Erepublik-v2-skill-9.png Guru fitter in his economic skill (51322/800000).

Icon skill tank.pngA File:Erepublik-v2-skill-9.png Nemesis tank in his military skill, withIcon rank General.pngGeneral rank (99792/160000)

Iceism Sensation

Iceism Sensation is Khebit's newspaper. He has written many articles in the spanish press, about war, international events and political random things. He has also written many articles in other countries, like Poland, France or the USA. He has got 102 subscribers.