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La Giovane eItalia

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General Information
Country Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Abbreviation LGeI
Newspaper La Giovane eItalia
Forum Official Forum
Founded 19 January 2010
President Yamisuke
Congress Occupancy 0/20 seats, 0%
Orientation Libertarian
La Giovane eItalia is a political party in Italy.


 ...La Giovane eItalia is the party of the Young people for Young people 

Party La Giovane eItalia:

  • came from the combination between the experience of citizens "elderly" and "want to do" more of 'young, collecting the membership of the most proactive and willing dell'eItalia;
  • listens to the problems of individuals trying to resolve them where possible;
  • uses the ideas of everyone to pursue the good of the country;
  • rejects all forms of discrimination and abuse of the weakest (noob), serving as their representative and more generally as the spokesman of all minorities, opening themselves to dialogue and confrontation by refusing purely ideological confrontation;
  • has as cornerstones of its policy compliance, the basis for peaceful coexistence among individuals, and the sense of community, as a place to gather and exchange ideas;
  • appraise new citizens to make them participate in the political and economic eItaly accompanied our first steps and making complicated to fully understand the potential of the game;
  • coordinates and investigates the activities of licensed experienced, whether they are entrepreneurs or congressman.

Icon position party president.gif Party President History





2013 Party Presidents
Period Party President
January new enna
February Furio
March IlKaiser
April Yamisuke
May Marcobenni95
30 May - 15 June Furio
June Aleisteir
July GabryFure
August Squatriota
September wrennina
October GabryFure
November Yamisuke
22 November Oivalf

History of Logos

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19 Jan 2011 14 Feb 2011 6 Jun 2012