List of governments of Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

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February 2013 Cabinet

Office Citizen(s) Vice Citizen(s) Advisers
President BucephalusIII Aexil Kong, Don Tas and Strumjanin Mudash and eMacedon
Prime Minister Trajce Petkov, Don Tas and Strumjanin
Ministry of Defense Crash and Burn Stole Lazarov, danakmkd, GoodBeer, Slajder, glamche, MagiMaster, RombO, Kirijana and Mehandzijski
Ministry of Foreign Affairs BlackMK Coordinator in CoT: Shadow Princess Emily,UnitedMacedonia
Ministry of Finance SaveAss
Ministry of Information The Macedonian warrior svetecot, Girl from MACEDONIA External collaborator: deda_mraz82
Ministry of Education thedragon Zlatko Kaskarevski, svetecot, Persej Makedonski
Ministry of Health WendyPower, Miss Tinker Bell, LazarosaMKD, NiKoLa MaCeDoN

February 2019