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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth August, 23 2013
Date of death June 2016 (est)
Residence France
Sex Male
Political party Eire Aonair
Newspaper The Gaeltachtai Chronicle
Party president of Eire Aonair
January 2016 – April 2016
Preceded by Klynn
Succeeded by Trito Fisher
Vice president of Eire Aonair
December 2015 – January 2016
Served under Klynn
Congress member of Ireland
December 2015 – April 2016
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal*.png Supreme Marshal*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Martinho69 was a citizen of Icon-Ireland.png Ireland, military officer and editor-in-chief of the satirical newspaper The Gaeltachtai Chronicle. Born in Icon-France.png France in August 2013, he became an Irish citizen in late 2014.


He was first an occasional player, fighting for various countries in multiple Military Units such as Deepchill's Easy Company or the Irish Army. In March 2016, he co-founded the Celtic Legion with DanKar, which quickly became the country's first military force and kept this position for the next couple weeks until most of its cornerstones went back to the Irish Army for Civil War[1].


Most of his actual role in eRepublik is known through his stealth passage in Irish politics. After Klynn made him vice-president of Eire Aonair in December 2015, Martinho69 became the only candidate for his succession in January 2016. He reorganized the party by the means of a new Charter and played a key role in making it the first political organization in Ireland[2]. His greatest achievement as the leader of the party might be Sluagh.'s election as the Country President in April 2016, nine months since the last time a member of Eire Aonair, Anthony Colby, held office. Some other members, such as King Trito Fisher (Minister of Education) and Alpha.Primaris (Minister of Foreign Affairs), entered government. Furthermore, Sluagh. became dictator a few weeks after his election. Martinho69 declined a proposal for Minister of Finance himself, though. After a three months presidency, he decided not to run for another term to be able to devote more time to his studies.