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Nationality Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgian
National rank 47
Date of birth August 26th 2009
Residence Flanders
Sex Male
Political party Union-Unie
Newspaper The Rambling Passive Observer
Congressman of Belgium
25 Feb 10 – 3 Mar 10 (resigned)
25 Apr 10 - 24 May 10
25 May 10 - unknown (resigned)
Served under The Free Belgium Party
Congressman of Belgium
25 Apr 11 – 25 May 11
Served under The United Left Alliance
Congressman of Belgium
25 Apr 12 – Unknown
Served under Res Belgica
Minister of Defence of Belgium
5 May – 4 June
Served under Apotygma
Preceded by DemetriusA
Succeeded by Zarsky
Chief of staff of Belgium
5 Jul 10 – 4 Aug 10
5 Aug 10 - 4 Sep 10
Served under Thore Thoreson
Supreme Court Justice of Belgium
3 Jan 11 – 6 Mar 11 (resigned)
Cabinet Spokesperson of Belgium
12 Mar 11 – unknown
Served under ThomasRed
Military unit Belgian Civilian Army
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force***.png World Class Force***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Jacob James Medrolke (simply known as Medrolke) is a Belgian military advisor and political figure.

After gaining fame through his position in the controversial Free Belgium party, Medrolke slowly became less of a front-line politician and more of an advisor. He does still remain hopeful that he will one day return to being a major political figure and has stated that he intends to run for the Belgian Presidency some time in the latter half of 2011.

A Publicity Photo of Medrolke

Political Positions


Medrolke has been elected into congress 5 times, although he has so far only completed his term in office twice. Although he does still occasionally run on the off chance that he is elected, he now feels that gaining a congress seat serves no use to either him or the nation.

Ministery of Defence

Medrolke was appointed Minister of Defence by Apotygma in May 2010. He was tasked with re-establishing the inactive military. He chose not to continue in his position for Apotymga's second term due to difficulties in accessing the Belgian forums at the time.

Chief of Staff

When Thore Thoreson ran for president in July 2010, Medrolke asked to be in his cabinet. Since he was serving in the US military at the time, and could therefore not hold a ministerial position, Thore created the position of Chief of Staff so that Medrolke could have access to the cabinet forums, without having a position that conflicted with his foreign military service. This time, he continued to hold his position in Thoreson's second term.

Supreme Court Justice

On January 3rd 2011, Medrolke was appointed as a Justice of the Belgian Supreme Court. After judging one case, and spending several weeks reforming the Belgian legal system, Medrolke resigned on March 6th due to the massive opposition to the Supreme Court.

Cabinet Spokesperson

On March 24th 2011, the Cabinet Spokesperson Mittekemuis asked Medrolke to write her weekly government review article for that week as she was too busy. After the article was released, the President ThomasRed made him a Cabinet Spokesperson along with Mittekemuis.

Military Positions

Chief General

When Medrolke was appointed as MoD, he gave himself the now defunct rank of Chief General and was in command of the armed forces. Although he left the Ministry of Defence when his first term was up, he continued as CG for a few more weeks.


When Medrolke re-joined the Belgian Military in December 2010, his experience meant he was instantly promoted to Lieutenant-General and was given the position of Executive Officer of the Army. He held the position for 2-3 weeks until he demoted himself to Command Sergeant Major due to personal reasons.

Command Sergeant Major

When he resigned his position as Army XO, he intended to leave the military altogether, but he was convinced to take on an advisory role by the President Sammy Tanghe and the MoD Temujin94. Because of this, he created the rank of Command Sergeant Major, and became a Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Belgian High Command.

Director of Supply and Logistics

On February 26th 2011, Medrolke announced a massive reform of the Belgian Military, including the appointment of himself as the Director of the new Supply and Logistics Department. His current work involves managing the supply system of the Belgian Army.


During his career, Medrolke was general manager of two organizations - EIIC and Enticom.


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Freedom Fighter (x5)
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Hard Worker (x40)
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