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'''In The old Division System:'''
'''In The old Division System:'''
The first three people which have reached this Rank in '''Division 3''' were:
The first person to have reached this Rank in '''Division 3''' was {{eLink|citizen|6173978|mhpc}}.
# {{eLink|citizen|6173978|mhpc}}.
# {{eLink|citizen|5305855|Slordak}}
# <NoData>
The first three people which have reached this Rank in '''Division 2''' were:
The first three people which have reached this Rank in '''Division 2''' were:

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Soldier actions

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Every soldier has a military rank. Military rank showcases the amount of influence each individual soldier has done throughout their career.

When you rank up you will receive a free energy bar and you will gain a 5% rank bonus with every attack.

On day 2,032 a new Military rank "Titan" has been introduced.


Number Patch Rank name Rank points needed for rank
1 Icon rank Recruit.png Recruit 0
2 Icon rank Private.png Private 15
3 Icon rank Private*.png Private* 45
4 Icon rank Private**.png Private** 80
5 Icon rank Private***.png Private*** 120
6 Icon rank Corporal.png Corporal 170
7 Icon rank Corporal*.png Corporal* 250
8 Icon rank Corporal**.png Corporal** 350
9 Icon rank Corporal***.png Corporal*** 450
10 Icon rank Sergeant.png Sergeant 600
11 Icon rank Sergeant*.png Sergeant* 800
12 Icon rank Sergeant**.png Sergeant** 1,000
13 Icon rank Sergeant***.png Sergeant*** 1,400
14 Icon rank Lieutenant.png Lieutenant 1,850
15 Icon rank Lieutenant*.png Lieutenant* 2,350
16 Icon rank Lieutenant**.png Lieutenant** 3,000
17 Icon rank Lieutenant***.png Lieutenant*** 3,750
18 Icon rank Captain.png Captain 5,000
19 Icon rank Captain*.png Captain* 6,500
20 Icon rank Captain**.png Captain** 9,000
21 Icon rank Captain***.png Captain*** 12,000
22 Icon rank Major.png Major 15,500
23 Icon rank Major*.png Major* 20,000
24 Icon rank Major**.png Major** 25,000
25 Icon rank Major***.png Major*** 31,000
26 Icon rank Commander.png Commander 40,000
27 Icon rank Commander*.png Commander * 52,000
28 Icon rank Commander**.png Commander ** 67,000
29 Icon rank Commander***.png Commander *** 85,000
30 Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel 110,000
31 Icon rank Lt Colonel*.png Lt Colonel* 140,000
32 Icon rank Lt Colonel**.png Lt Colonel** 180,000
33 Icon rank Lt Colonel***.png Lt Colonel*** 225,000
34 Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel 285,000
35 Icon rank Colonel*.png Colonel* 355,000
36 Icon rank Colonel**.png Colonel** 435,000
37 Icon rank Colonel***.png Colonel*** 540,000
38 Icon rank General.png General 660,000
39 Icon rank General*.png General* 800,000
40 Icon rank General**.png General** 950,000
41 Icon rank General***.png General*** 1,140,000
42 Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal 1,350,000
43 Icon rank Field Marshal*.png Field Marshal* 1,600,000
44 Icon rank Field Marshal**.png Field Marshal** 1,875,000
45 Icon rank Field Marshal***.png Field Marshal*** 2,185,000
46 Icon rank Supreme Marshal.png Supreme Marshal 2,550,000
47 Icon rank Supreme Marshal*.png Supreme Marshal* 3,000,000
48 Icon rank Supreme Marshal**.png Supreme Marshal** 3,500,000
49 Icon rank Supreme Marshal***.png Supreme Marshal*** 4,150,000
50 Icon rank National Force.png National Force 4,900,000
51 Icon rank National Force*.png National Force* 5,800,000
52 Icon rank National Force**.png National Force** 7,000,000
53 Icon rank National Force***.png National Force*** 9,000,000
54 Icon rank World Class Force.png World Class Force 11,500,000
55 Icon rank World Class Force*.png World Class Force* 14,500,000
56 Icon rank World Class Force**.png World Class Force** 18,000,000
57 Icon rank World Class Force***.png World Class Force*** 22,000,000
58 Icon rank Legendary Force.png Legendary Force 26,500,000
59 Icon rank Legendary Force*.png Legendary Force* 31,500,000
60 Icon rank Legendary Force**.png Legendary Force** 37,000,000
61 Icon rank Legendary Force***.png Legendary Force*** 43,000,000
62 Icon rank God of War.png God of War 50,000,000
63 Icon rank God of War*.png God of War* 100,000,000
64 Icon rank God of War**.png God of War** 200,000,000
65 Icon rank God of War***.png God of War*** 500,000,000
66 Icon rank Titan.png Titan 1,000,000,000
67 Icon rank Titan*.png Titan* 2,000,000,000
68 Icon rank Titan**.png Titan** 4,000,000,000
69 Icon rank Titan***.png Titan*** 10,000,000,000
70 Icon rank Legends.png Legends Of The New World 20,000,000,000

Gaining rank points

The only way to increase a citizen's rank is to defeat your opponents, in a war, on a battlefield and completing special Missions. Citizens receive Rank Points after they have successfully defeated an opponent. The amount of Rank Points depends on the amount of influence a soldier adds, after defeating an opponent. For example, if a player defeats an opponent and adds +50 war influence in any given battle, he/she also receives 5 Rank Points (influence/10).

Note: Natural enemy bonus does not affect to the amount of rank points received.

Icon rank God of War.png God of War

God of War

The first three people which have reached this Rank were:

  1. Romper. First God of War in eRepublik history, obtained the rank in May 2011 [1]
  2. ScymeX [2]
  3. Argrob [3]

Romper also became the first Icon rank God of War.pngGod Of War*** on April 12th, 2012, at 5:30 pm EST.

In The old Division System:

The first person to have reached this Rank in Division 3 was mhpc.

The first three people which have reached this Rank in Division 2 were:

  1. duasnagasaki became the first person to reach this rank on D2 , On July 15th, 2013 .
  2. drog27 on eday 2102.
  3. MrFredo .

Icon rank Titan.png Titan

The first four people which have reached this Rank were:

  1. Romper. First Titan in eRepublik history, obtained the rank in June 2013 [4]
  2. silniy udar [5]
  3. dark3If [6]
  4. omg_87 [7]

Icon rank Titan***.png Titan***

The first three people which have reached this Rank were:

  1. Xanthar Zaiban[8], on day 2231. He was also the first to reach Titan** rank.
  2. Trico, on day 2232.
  3. F@nis, on day 2235.

Icon rank Legends.png New Rank: Legends of the New World

What could be bigger, stronger and better than Gods of War or Titans? The new rank in eRepublik, is all about the citizens of eRepublik. This means that citizen can put his/her name on it!

The first step of the new rank is triggered at 20 billion (Titan*** is 10 billion). The next steps come every 10 billion (30, 40, 50, 60 etc.). The rank will be named based on the first player to reach it in the Citizenship country.

As some players have already surpassed the milestones, they were granted the rank automatically. Here’s is the list of the first 12 Legends of the New World, and their ranks:



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