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Military units are groups of citizens with members and leaders. Military units can be used to manage different kind of armies such as national or private armies. You can get to military unit page by going Community - Military unit. Tip: You can access this page with SHIFT+M keyboard shortcut.

Military unit organization

Military units are highly organized groups.


Regiment is a sub-group of the military unit. Each regiment can have maximum of 50 members - 30 members can join it and 20 members can be invited by the current regiment members. Once a regiment reaches 30 members, a new regiment will be automatically created. Each regiment has own captain who's in charge of posting orders to soldiers and keep their lines organized.

Chain of command

In every military unit there's a specific chain of command which involves commanders, second commanders and captains.


File:Zapovjedna stranica.jpg
Page layout MU - Commander

The commander is the head of the whole military unit. They have the highest power in military units. Commander can kick members out of the military unit and post orders to soldiers. They can also post daily orders to all regiment in case regiment captains haven't posted them to their regimens. They set 5 countries as battle priorities to generate orders for when the daily order battle ends or when there is no order. To become a commander, you must at least have a rank of Icon rank Commander.png Commander. Recruits can not become commanders. The military rank required to become a full member of a military unit can be set by the commander and it can vary from Sergeant to Field Marshal.

If the commander decides to leave the military unit without appointing any full member as new commander, following things will happen

  • If there's second commanders in the military unit, the highest ranked second commander takes his/her place;
  • If there's no second commanders in the military unit:
    • if there's a member with a rank of Icon rank Commander.png Commander or higher who have been in the unit for more than 2 days, he/she will become the new commander
    • if there's no members with a rank of Icon rank Commander.png Commander or higher who have been in the unit for more than 2 days, the unit will not have a commander until someone fulfills the requirements
  • if the commander is the last member of the military unit, the unit will be erased for good

Note: If the commander hasn't logged to eRepublik in 7 consecutive days, the commander will be removed and the above procedure will take place

Second commanders

Second commanders are deputies of the commander. Commander can appoint two second commanders. These second commanders must be ranked at least Icon rank Commander.png Commander as well. Second commanders can kick members of the military unit who have been in the unit for more than two days.


Main article: Captain elections

Captains are leaders of the regiments. You can become a captain if you at least have a rank of Icon rank Captain.png Captain. Each month on the 15th elections will be held in regiments where captain is selected by its members. Captains have the ability to remove members who've been in the unit for longer than 2 days from their regiments and set the daily orders for their regiment visible at military unit profile.

Membership types

There's two different types of members in military units: recruits and members. Only difference between recruit and member is that recruits can't candidate nor vote in the captain elections of their regiment. Every new member will be held as recruits until they complete recruit's orders (read section Joining the military unit).

Members orders

Every regiment will have its own personal order, decided by Captains or Commander. Regiment's orders can be set everyday after day change and members have until the next day change to complete them.

There's only one possible order to set: Kill 25 enemies in a specific battle. Regiment captain can choose the battle for his/her regiment or if captain hasn't set the orders, unit commander can set it too.

Once you complete the orders you will be awarded with an energy bar and 5 different bazooka parts.

Note: You can only complete the orders once a day.

In case the orders have changed check the orders before fighting so that your kill don't go to waste!

Setting the daily orders

Captain can set the daily order for his/her regiment each day after day change. If the regiment already has an order set by the military unit commander, the captain order will overwrite the commander's order.

  • Note: The battle can be changed after setting the order. This is only possible during the 5 minute break between two rounds or a battle. After the change is made, only enemies killed in the new target battle are considered in the kill counter.
  • Note 2: Every soldier is only able to complete the orders once a day.

The orders can be set and changed from the military unit profile.

Creating a military unit

To create a military unit you need:

The military unit will be located in the citizenship country of the creator and it can never be moved, even if the country is conquered.

Joining a military unit

Military unit join.png
Military unit recruits orders.png

If you want to join military unit, you need to meet following requirements:

  • you're not member of any military unit
  • you need to have the same citizenship as the location of military unit is

Note: You can change citizenship after joining the military unit.

Recruits orders

When you join a military unit, you will have a recruit status. To become a full member of the military unit and get right to candidate and vote in captain elections, you must fulfill following requirements:

The default orders are

  • reach Sergeant military rank
  • defeat 10 enemies as member of the military unit

Note: Military unit commander can change the rank requirement from Sergeant to Field Marshall so it's not same in every unit.

Once you've reached the requirements, you will get the status of a full member.


  • Q: Is it possible to change the name of a military unit?
    • A: Yes it is. Commander can change it for a price of Icon-gold.gif 2 GOLD
  • Q: Can the military unit location be changed?
    • A: No it can't. Once a military unit is created there's no way to move it to another country.
  • Q: What happens if I'm the Commander, and I'm the only soldier left in the Military Unit and also I leave the MU? Will I get some money?
    • A: If the Military Unit ran out of members, then it gets dissolved. In such case, you get no money.

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