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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth 31 October 2008
Date of death Discovered in December 2009
Residence Sydney, New South Wales
Faith User:Mouj/The eOrder of the Sun| The eOrder of the Sun
Senator of Victoria
26 December 2008 – 18 March 2009
Preceded by Indonesian Occupation
Press director of The Australian Socialist
1? November 2008 – Summer 2009 (est)
Foreign Editor of The Australian Patriot
29 January 2009 – Summer 2009 (est)
Sergeant of Australian Defence Force
5 February 2009 – 16 February 2009
Preceded by lwarrior1
Succeeded by hawkl7n6k41
Deputy Minister of Heritage & the Arts of Australia
5 March 2009 – 23 March 2009
Succeeded by Mr. Awesome
Minister of Heritage & the Arts of Australia
23 March 2009 – 6 April 2009
Preceded by Mr. Awesome
Minister of Culture of Australia
6 April 2009 – 6 May 2009
Preceded by Derek Apollyon
Succeeded by Derek Apollyon
Senator of Victoria
26 April 2009 – Summer 2009 (est)
Private of DropBears
22 March 2009 – 26 April 2009
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia
6 May 2009 – 5 July 2009
Military unit Australian Commando Unit Koalas
Military rank Icon rank Private.png [[Military rank|Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel]]
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Mouj was a Senator of Victoria, Australia and has served there for four terms. He is the owner of the newspaper The Australian Socialist, later named Diarios de la Revolucion, a political newspaper. He has fought in the first three resistance wars in Australia and in the Northern Territory resistance wars. He also owns an organisation, called Mukoa Industries. Mouj is a believer of communism and has helped form The Australian Communist Party, but he has joined the Australian Democratic Socialist Party to see if it suits him better. He now lives in Victoria, Australia, after several short stints in Indonesia fighting.


October 2008

Mouj did absolutely nothing in October except be was born, worked and trained, as he was born on Halloween.

November 2008

Mouj was born in California, USA, after discovering that his home country, Australia, had been taken over by Indonesia. Distressed, he started working in the land industry. For a while, he was just a basic, not very active person. But eventually, he decided to make a newspaper Inspiration Press) and lobby for the liberation of Australia, but he was bit too aggressive and didn't actually know the situation between Australia and Indonesia, or who had fought in the war and how strongly. He only published two articles in his stay in the US, both about the liberation. He soon joined the army, hoping to be involved in a fight for Australia, but never actually got to fight.

December 2008

Mouj continued to simply work and train for a long time. But after a while, he did not reply to an army roll call in depth, or properly, and was docked a week's pay. He then said he didn't want to be in the army, so his sergeant "gladly" discharged him. He then worked for a while, but moved to Indonesia to help fight for the freedom of Victoria. And it was freed, and he decided to live in Australia and get active in the politics. He did, by campaigning and running for congress in Victoria, in to which he got elected. He also continued his work as a journalist for his paper, The Australian Socialist.

January 2009

January was a fairly inactive month for Mouj considering big events, until the Northern Territory Resistance War. Mouj had a tough job as a Private of the Special Sniper Unit and did short but powerful hits on fly-ins from the Western Cape of South Africa. He returned after being injured badly and ran for Congress, after a long campaign that in the end made no difference to votes, and was elected into his second term. He also joined The Australian Patriot as Deputy & Foreign Editor, after it turned into a multi-member business.

Febraury 2009

February was a big month for Mouj: he spent a lot of time working on a forum to help start up the Australian Communist Party. There were many challenges, like whether they should take over an existing party or start a new one, another active person running for party president and, finally, losing the party president election anyway because sheep voted for the inactive candidate. Bu the did help make policies and the such. In this month, he also tried to make an Australian soup kitchen, but it didn't work as there wasn't enough detail, and started the possible Department or Ministry of Education for Australia, under the Ministry of Culture. He was also elected into the Senate for the third time with the third most votes, 10, in Victoria. This time he was running for the Australian Communist Party.

March 2009

Mouj started March as a politician, journalist and aspiring entrepreneur. On Day 466 of the New World, or 1st of March in Australia, he started his first company, Mukoa Lumbermill, which was aspiring to upgrade to Q2. It soon shut down after a relatively short-lived success. He was appointed Deputy Minister of Heritage & the Arts. Mouj soon got bored of life in Australia and moved to Indonesia to help fight against Romania, where he resides today. He quickly went from Private to Lieutenant and contributed a small bit, considering his tiny budget, and he found religion after talking with a Pakistani civilian when fighting in Pakistan. He is now a Dioist, but doesn't fully believe. He then moved back to Australia to resume his life in politics, where he started the eMentor Program, as he had been promoted to Minister for Heritage & the Arts, and joined the ADSP to see if the policy suited him better.

April 2009

Once patti11 was elected Prime Minister at the beginning of the month, Mouj's position changed to Minister of Culture again, when he also announced he was going to write a book, A History of eAustralia. He also announced that the was running for ADSP Party president, although his chances were slim since he is running against Br0adside, one of the most popular political candidates for anything from Senate to Prime Minister. He was then forced to retire but was recommended for PM elections in a few month's time. He then left Australia for Xinjiang, Indonesia again, but came back very soon. He then successfully ran for Senate again and won.

May 2009

When patti11 was elected, Mouj's position was changed to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, under the great zaney, God of the Australian people. Mouj then helped form the eOrder of the Sun, where he is the Grandmaster of Dusk, one of the two factions of the order. He then went AWOL for a short time, during the Senate elections, but he was still elected into the Senate.

June 2009

Mouj started June as a Senator when the Australian Warlord Controversy, the newest one, kicked off. He was an avid supporter of AW being warned at first but then saw some of the articles and accusations and switched to supporting his ban. He now lives in Sydney, where he is fighting in a training war, in a fairly good Q4 house.

  • It is believed that sometime shortly after this time Mouj quit playing the game, however the month of his death is as of yet, unknown.


Mouj is a communist and an ex-Australian Democratic Socialist in Australia, but blindly got recruited to ERepublicans For Change when in America. He has always tried to make different laws that will please the people and make a big difference to their everyday lifestyle. He is one of the founders of the Australian Communist Party.


Mouj is the Press director and only contributor to political newspaper The Australian Socialist. It has 18 subscribers and 24 issues, or articles, but he is now concentrating on the Australian Patriot. He is the foreign & deputy editor for The Australian Patriot.


Mouj was part of the US Army, but was discharged after failing to report properly and being AWOL. When he came to Australia, he joined the Australian Defence Force as a private. He was later promoted to Sergeant of the 4th Light Horse Regiment. He later left his post, and the army, due to him having too many other commitments in media and politics, and was part of the Army Reserves. In March, he went to Indonesia to fight against Romania and, when he came back, joined the DropBears.


Mouj has had many jobs, but only four long-term, dedicated ones in Australia: