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Diese Seite wurde gesichert um als historische Information über die erste Version (V1 oder auch ONE) von eRepublik zu dienen.
Diese Informationen sind inzwischen veraltet und sollten nicht auf das aktuelle Spielgeschehen bezogen werden.

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Was ist Wellness?

Wellness ist die Gesundheit deiner Spielfigur. Wenn deine Gesundheit den Wert 0 erreicht, stirbt deine Spielfigur und beim nächsten Login bekommst du die Chance deine Spielfigur wieder zu beleben.

Eine sehr gute Gesundheit steigert bei der Arbeit deine Produktivität und im Kampf deine Stärke.

Bei einem niedrigen Gesundheitsniveau sind größere Verbesserungen in der Gesundheit möglich als bei einem hohen Gesundheitsniveau.

Wie kann ich meine Gesundheit verbessern?

Die Idee ist recht einfach: je kleiner der Wert deiner Gesundheit, desto einfacher kannst du ihn verbessern. Genau wie im richtigen Leben: Je besser du dich fühlst, desto schwerer eine noch bessere Stufe zu erreichen.

Automatische Verbesserung der Gesundheit

Verbesserung der Gesundheit = (1.5 - (aktuelle Gesundheit/100)) * Gesundheits Bonuspunkte

Diese Verbesserungen treten NUR ein, falls sich Nahrung in deinem Besitz befindet.


Current wellness Wellness bonus
(product quality)
Wellness increase Final wellness
90 % 1 0.6 90.6 %
70 % 1 0.8 70.8 %
50 % 1 1.0 51.0 %
30 % 1 1.2 31.2 %
10 % 1 1.4 11.4 %
90 % 4 2.4 92.4 %
70 % 4 3.2 73.2 %
50 % 4 4.0 54.0 %
30 % 4 4.8 34.8 %
10 % 4 5.6 15.6 %

Arten von Gesundheitsboni:

   * Nahrung: Gesundheitsbonus = Produktqualität
   * Haus: Gesundheitsbonus = Hausstufe

If you have food and house: wellness increase = (1.5 - (current wellness/100)) * (wellness bonus food + wellness bonus house)

Instant wellness gain

These gains are independent from the current wellness level:

   * Hospital: 10 * quality level, in active wars, once a day after at least one battle
   * Gifts: 1 * quality level, no more than 10 wellness/day
   * Wellness box: 10 Wellness / 2 Gold (Max 40 Per Day)

How do I lose Wellness?

Wellness will drop in fixed values, independent from the current wellness level:

   * -1  Wellness every time you train
   * -Q  Wellness every time you work (Q = quality level of the company)
   * -1  Wellness every day for General managers (for every company)
   * -10 Wellness every time you enter a fight

Note: Moving tickets add instant wellness or make you lose wellness, depending of their quality.

How do I keep a high Wellness?

In order to reach and keep a high wellness, you have to eat high quality level food and own a high quality level house, this means spending more money

Wellness 90%: 4QL food + 2QL House = 3.6; By the end of the day: 3.6 gain/day - 2 lost/day = +1.6
Wellness 90%: 2QL food + 2QL House = 2.4; By the end of the day: 2.4 gain/day - 2 lost/day = +0.4
Wellness 90%: 2QL food = 1.2; ___________ By the end of the day: 1.2 gain/day - 2 lost/day = -0.8

At low wellness levels, no big efforts needed in order to rise and keep wellness.

Wellness 30%: 2QL food = 2.4; ___________ By the end of the day: 2.4 gain/day - 2 lost/day = +0.4
Wellness 30%: 1QL food + 1QL House = 2.4; By the end of the day: 2.4 gain/day - 2 lost/day = +0.4
Wellness 30%: 2QL food + 1QL House = 3.6; By the end of the day: 3.6 gain/day - 2 lost/day = +1.6

This will help citizens have an average wellness of 40-60% and will be a better indicator for social standards, as wealthy citizens will have higher wellness while medium citizens will always have decent wellness in order to work and not influence productivity in a negative way.

What happens when I have no food in inventory?

If citizen has 0 pieces of food will be deleted X wellness points.

The resulted value can't be less than 0. Here is how X is calculated:

   * if the citizen has between or equal with  1 and  10 wellness: X = -1
   * if the citizen has between or equal with 11 and  50 wellness: X = -2
   * if the citizen has between or equal with 51 and  80 wellness: X = -3
   * if the citizen has between or equal with 81 and 100 wellness: X = -4

Each general manager will lose 1 wellness daily for each company, but the resulted value of the wellness can't be negative (less than 0).

What happens when I die?

When your Citizen is dead (wellness = 0):

  • if you are in a party, you are taken out of that party
  • the gold and all the currencies still remain in your accounts and the company ownership remains.
  • you will not receive any emails ( Turn off from Mail preferences )
  • you are removed any from any list ( presidential candidate, congress election, party election)

You keep your job or General manager position, newspaper, items, inventory, unlock feature, extra storage, company, messages, friends, and experience points.

Wellness Calculator

Quick Tips for Noobs

  • Work in Q1 companies
  • If needed don’t train for a couple of days so your wellness can increase
  • Ask older players for gifts
  • Ask the country president if they have any national gifting programs
  • If gifts in your country are cheap buy them and trade them with a friend
  • If your country is in war you can fight once and use the Hospital to raise your wellness, contact your country military for information on hospitals and battle field information

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