Open Opportunity Party

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Open Opportunity Party

General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Abbreviation OOPS
Forum Part of eSA Forum
Founded May 22, 2011
President Don Vin
Members 26
Congress Occupancy 7/35 seats, 17.5%
Succeeds New Africa Party
Orientation Center-left
Ideology Libertarian

Open Opportunity Party is a Center-left, Libertarian of South Africa, they are currently the third party in the country and the successor of New Africa Party[1]

Open Opportunity Party of South Africa

Exclusion is part of what is destroying eRepublik. Not necessarily on the part of players—but the exclusionary practices being implemented into the game.

OOPS, Seeks to battle exclusiveness as much as possible with INCLUSIVENESS. It believe in an open opportunity society committed to ensuring that each citizen can exert a political, economic, and militaristic influence in the New World. Each citizen can and should have an impact and be able to have fun and have influence in our glorious South Africa and global community.

OOPS affirms its support for perhaps the most important cause of all: Grooming South Africa’s next generation for leadership. In an Open-Opportunity Society, each individual has the capacity to pursue their eRepublik dreams and aspirations.


Human development flourishes when individuals engage in cooperative, mutually respectful relations that can thrive only when excessive differences in status, power, and wealth are eliminated. According to leftists, a society without substantial equality will distort the development of not only deprived persons, but also those whose privileges undermine their motivation and sense of social responsibility. This suppression of human development, together with the resentment and conflict engendered by sharp class distinctions, will ultimately reduce the efficiency of the economy.


OOPS believes in an open opportunity society committed to ensuring that each citizen can exert a political, economic, and militaristic influence in the New World. Each citizen can and should have an impact and be able to have fun. Membership is OPEN to ALL

Manifesto and Objectives

People need to be excited about this game; they need to have a reason to log on every day. The Open Opportunity Party of South Africa seeks to embrace those reasons, whatever they may be for each player individually.

OOPS isn’t just about party members, it’s about eSA society as a whole. We strive to help all new players, regardless of ideology or affiliation.


  • more higher salaries
  • more lower prices
  • stop inflation and deflation als


  • Stand for peace and national defense
  • more MPPs
  • *We also need alliances and means for our citizens to train their fighting skills.

Foreign Affairs

  • improve ties with friendly countries
  • maintain neutral relations with hostile nations
  • boost representation to strengthen our nation's political influence
  • request diplomats to conduct themselves professionally
  • issues of a sensitive or controversial nature shall be discussed and voted upon within the party


  • we stand for democracy
  • main leaders making government
  • political cooperation with all parties
  • justice
  • constitution against high taxes and admin
  • free market
  • because of hard history of this country we stand for all human rights


  • free voice of every citizen
  • recruiting more members
  • made chat active (IRC)
  • made forum active
  • Mentor party for newbies

Party Governing Council

Coming soon

Party Constitution

The Constitution of OOPS is best described as the guiding force behind the party. It pulls us all together to get through tough times. It's definitely something everyone considering joining OOPS should read. " Under Development "

Party Presidents

History of Open Opportunity Party Presidents
President From To Terms
Oprah Winfrey (Founder) May 22, 2011 July 16, 2011 2,5
Chucker71 July 16, 2011 August 16, 2010 1
Oprah Winfrey August 16, 2011 September 16, 2011 1
Mashaka Kulala September 22, 2011 November 16, 2011 3
Don Vin November 16, 2011 Current 2

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Bg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-employee.gifBg-employee.gifBg-employee.gif
Congress Occupancy 17.5% (January 2012)