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한글Icon-South Korea.png
Portugues BrasileiroIcon-Brazil.png
Order of New EWorld
Type Military
Secretary-General Iain Keers
Members 10

The Order of New EWorld (abbr. ONE), also known formally as New World Order (abbr. "NWO"), is a military alliance consisting of ten (10) countries.


This is the second alliance to adopt the name of "ONE", the original being the Order of Nations of eRepublik, an alliance mainly for small countries of the eWorld. The two alliances have nothing in common and represent entirely different countries, motives, and goals.


The core of the ONE (known as NWO that time) was formed after Serbia and Hungary left Phoenix in late 2010 to maintain the cooperation between the countries left the Phoenix that time. Later, Poland and Spain left EDEN, which made possible the formal creation of a new alliance of this four countries, later known as ONE. The official date of the founding is March 31, 2011, though the alliance had been closely working under the NWO name for a few months prior. ONE is currently following the Treaty of ONE. The Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Sweden joined ONE on the 12th April 2011.[1]. Indonesia joined on November 13, 2011[2]

The original four member-states all have significant population sizes, military power and active population which facts were the primary reasons, that in the early days of its formation, an alliance of four nations was capable of opposing alliances consisting of more nations.


ONE first began to form in Poland and Hungary, both nations seeking to establish what it viewed as a "new world order", together focusing upon military action against nearby EDEN-state, Romania. At the same time, Serbia had grown detached from the dwindling Phoenix alliance, with Serbia feeling that it provided disproportionate assistance, while not receiving it from other Phoenix nations in return.

Eventually the alliance would come together as an agreement between the countries of Hungary, Poland, Serbia and Spain. Eventually the nations of the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Sweden would also join in the weeks following the initial founding of the alliance.

The first significant formal political alliance would come with the signing of the Polish-Hungarian Pact.

The first military engagement of ONE came in the battle for Central Hungary in February of 2011. Upon the conclusion of this engagement, ONE felt more confident in its alliance-stack as its forces successfully pushed Romania away from the center of the Hungarian army.

In the following weeks Serbia would begin to take a more prominent position in the alliance's engagements, planning more actions focused upon EDEN nations within the Serbian area of influence.

Shortly thereafter ONE would initiate a series of offensive wars beginning in March of 2011 which would eventually evolve into World War V.

While a series of unnamed conflicts would be fought in Eastern Europe, eventually these would coalesce into the Fourth Balkan War, the Adriatic War, and the eventual ONE invasion of Bulgaria, as ONE began to systematically attack EDEN nations. At the same time ONE would also attack Terra member-states in Western Europe during the Second Poland-Germany War, eventually conquering much of Germany as a result. This conflict would further ignite the Third Spain-France War and subsequent ONE invasion of France, and spread to the USA-Spain War, USA-Poland War, Brazil-Spain War, and Poland-Brazil War in the Americas.

Initially ONE would make devastating headway into both EDEN and Terra regions, including the conquering of Romania, Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria, France, and Portugal. ONE would even attempt to expand into the USA and Brazil.

However, after EDEN and Terra began to cooperate more closely to counter the offensive, ONE would begin to suffer a number of significant defeats. After attempting to conquer Brazil, ONE forces would be removed from South America, as well as lose its territories in North America. The alliance would also meet with strong resistance as previously conquered EDEN nations began to reemerge. During the Bulgarian Independence War, the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) would lose all of it original regions, Serbia would be pushed out of a failed Asian campaign during the Serbia-Russia War, France would become liberated, Sweden would face invasion during the Second Baltic War, and Serbia itself would be attacked in the EDEN invasion of Serbia. As a result, Belgrade would fall on April 3, 2011.

After the United Kingdom negotiated with ONE, it was voted into the alliance and on the 11th December 2011, became an official member of the ONE alliance.[3] The addition of new countries to ONE happened again, this time being Iran and Slovenia who joined on the 12th December 2011.


Member countries (orange)
  • Nations that are currently under complete control of other nations (*).

Affiliated Non-Members

Alliance Leadership

Country Citizen
Secretary General
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden Iain Keers
Icon-Poland.png Poland aVie
Military Commander
Icon-Spain.png Spain angeldav
Deputy Secretary General
Icon-Hungary.png Hungary Ernst von Jacob
Deputy Military Commander
Icon-Hungary.png Hungary hunnia91
Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) DedaNoe
Icon-Poland.png Poland StrozeR
Icon-Hungary.png Hungary Gregory Gallagher

Significant Contributors

Notable citizens credited with the formation of ONE include:

smrtan, Nalaja, vingaer, S. Timi, Goolem, gid1, AThompson, Ernst von Jacob, Clueless, Kistru, Cerber, Gregory Gallagher,
angeldav, mikel_ahone, aVie, S. Timi, Mixliarder, StrozeR, Pierre Dzoncy, Rhual Durruti.

Official statement about creating an alliance.[10] History based on interviews with smrtan, gid1 and Gregory Gallagher.[11] Official 'The story so far'.[12]


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