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Flag of Paraguay   Coat of Arms of Paraguay

On the map

General rank 53
Country power 540
Anthem Vencer o Morir
Motto Paz y Justicia
Capital Paranena
Alliance P.L.U.T.O.
Language Spanish, Guarani
Population 179
Average level 38
President Papu ReBird
Party H.A.U.P.E.I.
Political titles
vCP KodaK
MoFA Martu
Currency Flag-Paraguay.jpg Paraguayan guaraní (PYG)
Minimum salary Flag-Paraguay.jpg 1.00 PYG
Average salary Flag-Paraguay.jpg 1557.37 PYG
Food bonus 70%
Weapon bonus 0%
House bonus 0%
Aircraft bonus 0%
Territories 2

Map of Paraguay

Last update 11 July 2016

Paraguay is a Latin American country that was added to the New World on 10 June 2009.

Icon allcountries.gif Geography

It's territory occupies two distinct regions separated by the Paraguay River: Paranena, mountain and rainforest, and Central East Chaco, part of the Gran Chaco. It is a Mediterranean country as it has no sea coast, as is its neighbor Bolivia. Bordered to the south, southeast and southwest by the Argentina, east to Brazil and the northwest by Bolivia.

Population and infrastructure

Icon-Paraguay.png Regions of Paraguay

Paraguay consists of 2 original regions. The original territory of Paraguay is composed of several regions: Paranena (occupied by Icon-Iran.png), Central East Chaco

Its current territories are listed below:

Original Owner Resource
Central East Chaco Icon-capital.gif Icon-Paraguay.png Icon - Deer.png Deer
Calabria Icon-Italy.png Icon - Fish.png Fish
Charrua Icon-Uruguay.png Icon - Cattle.png Cattle
Pando Icon-Bolivia.png Icon - Fruits.png Fruits

Icon economy.png Economy

Icon-taxes.gif Taxes

The following shows the tax structure of Paraguay.

Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food 1% 1%
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 1% 1%
Icon - Aircraft Q1.png Aircraft
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png Tickets 1% 1%
Icon - House Q3.png Houses 1% 1%
Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material -
Icon - Aircraft Raw Materials.png Aircraft raw material -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material -

Embargo list

  • Icon-Chile.png Chile, expires Feb 26, 2022

Currency rates

Icon-gold.gif = GOLD
Flag-Paraguay.jpg = PYG

1Icon-gold.gif = 935 Flag-Paraguay.jpg
1 Flag-Paraguay.jpg = 0.002Icon-gold.gif

Icon position party member.gif Politics

Icon position party president.gif Political parties

Party Name Miembers Party President
Bicentenario del Paraguay 43 koki10
Paraguay para Todos 29 Maethor Fuin
HAUPEI 16 mmaluff
Partido Alianza Socia 15 FranKaninchen

Icon achievement Country President on.gif Presidents

Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gifMedia

Newspapers in Paraguay:

Ranking Logo Name Subscribers
1. Fxy.jpg FXY color 246
2. Paraguayprimero.jpg PARAGUAY PRIMERO 143
3. Ultimasenoticias2.jpg ULTIMAS ENOTICIAS 138
4. ECosmopolitan.jpg eCosmopolitan 129
5. Lapuntitanadamas.jpg La Puntita nada mas 84
6. Kopular.jpg Diario Kopular 79
7. Lastampa py.jpg La Stampa - Paraguay 75
8. Viviendoenpy.jpg Viviendo en Paraguay 74
9. Rayosx.jpg RayosX 67
10. Agujerito1.jpg El Agujerito 32

Icon military.png Military

Paraguay is a member of the Andes.


Icon-pact.gif MPPs

Icon-war.png Wars

Eventualy, the Paraguayan's army joined in to the Colombia-USA War, within World War III, in the short stretch that lasted.


Paraguay has spent much of its time in the occupation of Argentina in the Paraguay-Argentina war. Only twice has Paraguay successfully regain independence. Like on Dec. 4th 2011, Paraguay gained independence from Argentina, with Paranena as the capital with Central East Chaco still with Argentina.

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