Partido Nacional Republicano

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Partido Nacional Republicano

Party-Partido Nacional Republicano.jpg ‎
General Information
Country Flag-Chile.jpg Chile
Abbreviation PNR
Colors Blue, red & white
Founded June 2009
(changed name)
Members 74
Congress Occupancy 11 of 40 (27%)
Succeeds Partido Liberal Renovado
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

Partido Nacional Republicano, is a political party of Chile.

Party Presidents of 355px

This is the list of party presidents. For more information about the elections, check this page (available only in Spanish).

Party president Assumed Note
Citizen1522318.jpg Dazero July 2009
Unknown Person.jpg Ipolitas Nicodemus Kazlauskas August 2009
Citizen1732547.jpg Alain Echeverri September 2009
Unknown Person.jpg Daniel Ortega October 2009
Unknown Person.jpg Gaeloyolas November 2009
Unknown Person.jpg SantaXD December 2009
Citizen1591457.jpg Gonzalo Medina January 2010
Unknown Person.jpg Lyonkeys February 2010 2 consecutive terms
Unknown Person.jpg ivaan April 2010
Citizen2106680.jpg banxa May 2010
VALHALLA.jpg Falain June 2010 2 consecutive terms
Unknown Person.jpg Krustyan August 2010 2 consecutive terms
Unknown Person.jpg GorgonD October 2010 2 consecutive terms
Citizen3585520.jpg Jean90 December 2010 2 consecutive terms
Unknown Person.jpg Draak LG February 2011
Unknown Person.jpg Sebastián Arellano Gabelo March 2011
Citizen3585520.jpg Jean90 April 2011
Unknown Person.jpg Nano Lavayen May 2011
VALHALLA.jpg Falain June 2011
Unknown Person.jpg Cazador espectro July 2011
Unknown Person.jpg Fuerza Aerea de Chile August 2011
Unknown Person.jpg bryanmario September 2011
Unknown Person.jpg Nano Lavayen October 2011
Unknown Person.jpg bryanmario November 2011
VALHALLA.jpg Falain December 2011
VALHALLA.jpg Luis Carrera January 2012
Citizen5234679.jpg Alex Vicencio February 2012
Unknown Person.jpg vPablo March 2012
Unknown Person.jpg Alain Echeverria April 2012
Unknown Person.jpg vPablo Mary 2012
Unknown Person.jpg yendegaia June 2012
Unknown Person.jpg ka-52 July 2012
Unknown Person.jpg ramscRasch August 2012
Unknown Person.jpg Cristian.vega September 2012

Juventud PNR

Juventud PNR.jpg

Juventud PNR (Eng. PNR Youth) was a youth section of PNR that worked together with PNR.

Term President Vice president Spokesman
December 2011 - January 2012 Maarceelo N/A N/A
December 2011 - January 2012 Alex Vicencio Emilio Herrera Maarceelo
April - May 2012 (est) yendegaia JJVidal Max8r

The public accounts of the JPNR are published here.