Partidul Romania Unita

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Partidul Democrat

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General Information
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Abbreviation PD
Website [1]
Colors white
Founded may 2013
President Doru Gradinaru
Members 160
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Center-right
Ideology Libertarian

Partidul Democrat is the 6th political party in Romania. It is a result of the merger between Forta Democrata Romana and Romania Unita, both of them in top 10 romanian parties, but not represented in Congress, in May 2013


Creating a new party

The president of Romania Unita, zmeuNY, and the president of Forta Democrata Romana, Doru Gradinaru, former governor of Romanian National Bank, agreed to merge in a single party, named Uniunea Democrata Romana. Doru Gradinaru resigned as party president of FDR and join RU, togheter with others democrats that agreed the fusion. zmeuNY also stepped down as party president of RU, making Gradinaru the leader of party. Romania Unita formally changed it's name in Uniunea Democrata Romana, then Partidul Democrat. The first leadership of PD was: Doru Gradinaru - president, zmeuNY - vicepresident, Silv1u20 - secretary-general (he was also the Minister of Education of Romania after Mlendea Horatiu resigned), Gica RoUni - councilor and atty26sa - spokesman.

Grow up

Remaining FDR members also resigned and joined PD. Party reached from 8th place to the 5th place of top romanian political parties, with 253 members. In the Congress elections of 25 May 2013, the party obtained 5 congressmans (Doru Gradinaru, Silv1u20, gelu glad menumorut and Eugen VIG).

Presidents of Partidul Democrat

Icon position party president.gif

year month president
2013 may Doru Gradinaru
2013 june Doru Gradinaru
2013 july Doru Gradinaru
2013 august Gica RoUni
2013 september Gica RoUni
2013 October Doru Gradinaru
2013 November Doru Gradinaru