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Welcome to the Indian Portal





Selected article
The Congress in India is known as the Lok Sabha and it has a sub-forum in the Indian Forums. Here all the congressmen of India discuss about India's future. There is also a sub-forum known as Lok Sabha (public) for the common person to discuss things.
Selected biography
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Didio is originally a Spanish citizen who moved to India when India got its freedom. He has been a dedicated Indian citizen and was India's first Icon General.jpg V1 General. He has spent a lot of personal gold in wars for India and was made Minister of Defence and General of the Army during President BroodRoosterNL's presidency (More...)

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Indian Commando

Did you know?
*...that Indonesia has released 10 Indian regions and shall soon be releasing another. Indian leaders are also in talks with Iranian leaders in order to free our regions.
Selected War

The Indonesia-India War was a war fought in Asia. It was fought between Indonesia and India. When Indonesia declared war on India, India quickly got MPP's with Many European Countries. The Indonesians decided to adopt another method to takeover India. The result of this war is that India lost it freedom. It is also sometimes regarded as the battle that sparked the start of World War 3. It is so as Romania declared war with the reason to act as a bodyguard for small Asian countries. (More...)