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Welcome to the Indian Portal





Selected article
The Congress in India is known as the Lok Sabha and it has a sub-forum in the Indian Forums. Here all the congressmen of India discuss about India's future. There is also a sub-forum known as Lok Sabha (public) for the common person to discuss things.
Selected biography

David Forde is one of India's most dedicated citizen. He is involved with the development of India and he is working very hard to make India a better place. He has spent a lot of money and gold in helping India develop. He also made India's first Q5 weapons company in collaboration with ArjaaAine (More...)

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Indian Airforce

Did you know?
*...that India recently got its freedom so it is still developing to help India develop feel free to contact any of the ministers and offer your services to them.
Selected War

The Iran-India War was a war fought in Asia. It was fought between Iran and India. It started as Iran attacked India for their imperialistic needs for land and for a region with wood. The result of this war was that India lost the region of Jharkhand to Iran and peace was brought between India and Iran (More...)