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Welcome to the Indian Portal





Selected article
The Indian Dream is India's political party in Indonesia.

As soon as India lost its freedom, work todays its independence began and the first step was taken when all parties merged into one. All citizens of India joined the party India First , this party was then renamed by the then party president BroodRoosterNL as The Indian Dream. The India Dream suddenly lost members and went down to 20-25 members for some reason, but soon it again started to grow and at present it has 100 members. It is still a party in Indonesia and is run by Indians, this is even after India got back its freedom.

Selected biography

Anjan Sarkar is a trusted and respected citizen of India who wants to see India grow and develop. He has worked his entire e-life to help India even when India was takenover by Indonesia he was there helping India by leading the talks with the Indonesians. He has been Minister of Foreign Affairs for 3 terms under 2 different president (More...)

Selected picture

The Small but Well Trained Indian Army

Did you know?
*...that India has its own Q5 weapons company so it is able to provide its soldiers with cheap Q5 weapons. The company is not a government company but is run by two respected and trusted citizens of India.
Selected War

The Indonesia-India War was a war fought in Asia. It was fought between Indonesia and India. When Indonesia declared war on India, India quickly got MPP's with Many European Countries. The Indonesians decided to adopt another method to takeover India. The result of this war is that India lost it freedom. It is also sometimes regarded as the battle that sparked the start of World War 3. It is so as Romania declared war with the reason to act as a bodyguard for small Asian countries. (More...)