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First Day of eRepublik

So here you are, you’ve just joined eRepublik. You’ve registered. You’ve signed in and are sitting on the main page. “Now what?” you say to yourself, as your mother looks on confused. She doesn’t know what to do, she’s just a casual observer wondering why her son sits on his PC all day playing games instead of going out and meeting a lady with fine hips to bare her grandchildren. But you ignore it and press on. You will find out how to play this, you will master it and become CP and a Military commander and you’ll start a cool indie band with your friends because that’s just what you do. You’re a hip and happening guy, strolling down the strip pimpin’ ho’s and what not. As you spin your cane you stop and notice something. Something glowing. Something you can’t quite comprehend. Yes Brother, you’ve just found The MoHA Guide to Your First Days In eRepublik.

“Gee” you squeal, “It’s like this article writes what I say before I even say it!”

And you’d be correct, as you are not alone. Many have come and gone, wondering what the hell this game is. You are just one of the few fortunate enough to find this article.

“Why are there pictures of dismembered limbs and grain on my page?”

Those 6 buttons under your health bar and above your logout button are your missions. There are 40 of them to complete in total, each with their own prerequisites to meet and offering their own rewards. To see what you have to do for each, just click on the image and you’ll get a pop up giving you a vague description of the mission and the requirements you need to meet. You can find information on all of the missions by clicking Missions.

”I’m a Marxist/Commie/Student IRL, what is work?”

In eRepublik, everyone is a capitalist, unless they aren’t. To work, you first need a job which you can get by clicking the “Market” tab on the tool bar and then clicking “Job Market”

Job Market.png

Up will come a list of companies to work for, providing we have a region and you’re in it, and you’ll notice some jobs have stars under them. Contary to popular belief they aren’t scores provided by the AA. The AA only rate stars to hotels and it was very silly of you to think otherwise. The reason I was really funny just now was simply because the stars do not matter and it was too short to just say that by itself, they are simply the level of the company and you will lose 10 health and get paid the same in a 5 star company as you would in a 1 star one.


Simply do the logical thing and get the highest paid job, there are no catches or extra responsibilty in getting paid more though tax still exists.

Now you have that job, and you’re set and ready to rake in the Benjamins it’s time to work in the company. All you need to do is click on the “My Places” on the tool bar and you’ll be sent to a new page. Alternatively you can click “My Places” on the little green box that looks something like this:


Then all you need to do is click "Work" on the right corner and you’ll have received your first salary!

If you’re super buff like me (Disclaimer: I am not super buff) you’ll enjoy nothing more than a good work out after work. And luckily for you, eRepublik caters for such a person. Still in “My Places” you’ll see your “Training Grounds” there too. Again, all you have to click is training and your strength will go up.


So you’re all trained up. And, may I say, you’re looking ripped. This will cost you another 10 wellness, but the more strength you have the more you’ll be able to hit when you fight!

You may have noticed in the green box with My Land on it that I mentioned before, a greyed out button. However, if you click home, you’ll now see the colour is back in it and you can click it.

Get Reward.png

Click it and you’ll receive your reward. Do this 5 days in a row and you’ll get a 5xp and Strength bonus.

”I’ve played Call of Duty and Battlefield, how do I kill people, spilling blood into the streets in HD graphics?”

Quenching your blood lust is easy, but first we suggest you see a doctor, don’t worry we’ll wait for you.

Now you’re back and have woken up from those sedatives, we’ll continue. Now that horrible green box I keep referencing has disappeared (Until tomorrow! But that’s another article), “Military Campaigns” will be in clear view. Click the fight button next to the battle to be transported to yet another page. The Battlefield.

You may start wondering which battle you should be fighting; sometimes there can be as many as 5 battles on the main page at the same time. But how can you be sure you’re fighting where you’re most effective? And I have an answer: All you need to do is make sure you subscribe to the Ministry of Defence newspaper. There, you’ll receive the latest orders to the general public. If you’d like to find out how to fight is brought up in another article which you can find by clicking here. Just remember to never fight more than you can afford food, as each hit costs 10 wellness.

”You keep talking about wellness but you haven’t told me once how to regain it. That’s it, I’m quitting…” You sob.

No! Wait! Buying food was going to be the final section, I swear!

”So tell me then, how do I buy food?”

You’ll find the Marketplace in the same place as the Job Market, and just above it in the drop down menu.


From there, select what you want to buy. In this case click food and then the one star option. This will give you a list of all the Q1 food on sale and you can select the amount you want to buy. If you are a little more switched on, you can work out which of all the food offers the best wellness to price ratio and buy from that. Q1 food will give you 2 wellness/unit, Q2 will give you 4 wellness/unit etc, all the way up to Q6 which will give you 12 wellness/unit (that at the moment is far too expensive, I advise you avoid it). Click on the box with the 1 in it and type how many units you want, click “Buy”, and there you have it, you’ve bought your first food!

To use your food, click “Eat” under your profile picture and you’re all set. This will automatically consume as much food as it can until your health gets as close to 100 wellness without wasting part of your food.

“Thanks mister, I’ve learnt all I need to know so clearly I’m done here and I’m going”

But wait, there’s more!



“Get on with it…”

Fair enough… You may have fulfilled everything you can do until tomorrow, but that doesn’t the party is stopping!

The official eUK forums are not only where most of the major decisions are made for the political parties and Government alike. There is also the people of the eUK who are playing forum games, discussing the true definition of irony and even posts relevant to eRepublik! The link for it will be at the bottom of the article.

So there you have it, you’ve ended day one well and you’re set to win the game. Now you just need to remember to log in tomorrow…

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