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<center><font style="font-size:2em; color: #4BA0BD">Welcome to the [[United States]] Portal</font><br><br></center>
<center><font style="font-size:2em; color: #4BA0BD">Welcome to the [[United States of America]] Portal</font><br><br></center>
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<center><div style="float:center; width:50%;">
<center><div style="float:center; width:50%;">
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{{{{FULLPAGENAME}}/boxblank|<big></big>|{{FULLPAGENAME}}/United States of America|3={{{{FULLPAGENAME}}/United States of America}}}}{{-}}

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Welcome to the United States of America Portal

United States
Icon-United States of America.png

United States is a nation situated in the Western Hemisphere of the world sandwiched by Canada to the North and Mexico to the South. The USA, like most nations, regularly holds foreign territories and has both expanded and contracted over time. 🇺🇸

Local News
*Yui MHCP001 is elected as President of eUSA
  • Congressional Primaries take place
  • Party Primaries take place
  • Current Wars:

Irish Shannon Resistance vs. USA 48-18 USA vs. Spain for Castilla La Mancha 0-0

News current as of Day 3,14 Jul 02, 16 01:56</div> </div>


President: Yui MHCP001

Vice President: Resoula

Chief of Staff: MelissaRose

Secretary of State: WildOwl

Minister of Defense:rainy sunday

National Security Council/UNC Chairman: Orikfricai

Co-Secretary of Civilian Affairs: Ilene DoverJessina

Press Secretary: Aramec

Secretary of Media: George Armstrong Custer

Secretary of Transportation: Middletopia