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The Poznan treaty was a treaty signed by Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands and Icon-Poland.png Poland on the 19th of May 2011, just after Poland conquered the Netherlands for the 5th time, during Poland-Netherlands War (May 2011). It's signing was witnessed by Icon-Macedonia.png Macedonia. The peace treaty officially lasts 3 months as stated in the treaty. The treaty became a template for a lot of Polands diplomacy contracts with other nations.


Daniel Parker
CP of the Netherlands

CP of Poland

Agree to the following:

  • The Netherlands will pay back the 30 gold they got a couple of months ago from Poland.
  • Poland will not resist a RW in Northern Netherlands.
  • The Netherlands will not start or support a resistance war in Eastern Netherlands for 1 month.
  • After 1 month Poland will not resist a RW in Eastern Netherlands.
  • The Netherlands will not start or support a resistance war in Southern Netherlands and Western Netherlands for 3 months.
  • Poland will not NE, PTO or attack the Netherlands in these 3 months
  • If Netherlands or another party will take Western or Southern Netherlands from Poland during these 3 months
    • Poland will NE Netherlands to take back regions and after war
      • Poland will be obligated to give back Northern Netherlands and Eastern Netherlands

This treaty will be validated by the Dutch Congress.
This treaty will be validated by the Polish Congress.

This treaty will come into immediate effect when the following 3 conditions have been met:

  • when both Congresses and above mentioned CP’s agree with this proposal
  • a 3rd party (another CP who’s accepted by both parties) signed this treaty as a witness
  • after all parties (including the 3rd party) have published this treaty in the official state newspaper of their countries.

Signing process

If in agreement, please write the word SIGNED next to your name

(this document is only given writing-access to the following people: )

citizen status date position special information
Daniel Parker SIGNED 17/05/2011, 11:36 NL time CP of the Netherlands, signing on behalf of the Dutch Congress
Khere SIGNED 19/05/2011, 20:03 PL time CP of Poland, signing on behalf of the Polish Congress
Maniek M SIGNED 19/05/2011, 20:03 PL time MoFa of Poland
Strumjanin SIGNED 19/05/2011, 21:41 MKD time CP of Macedonia Witnessing as impartial 3rd Party

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