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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth June 24, 2009
Date of death May 22, 2012 (discovered)
Residence Minnesota, USA
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Newspaper Bigger on the Inside
Orginally known as: Middle of the Road
Congress member of Colorado
October 26, 2009 – January 25, 2010
Congress member of South Africa
Military rank Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Pragmat was born on Day 582 in Wisconsin, USA as Daniel Dodge. Daniel Dodge has held many different positions in the New World. As an on and off player over a two-year span, Dodge was a longtime resident of the United States, though he has spent a few months in South Africa and New Zealand.


During his time in the USA, Dodge has been active in many different roles. He initially gained some national attention during World War III, when he started an org known as The Wasteland Commission.

The purpose of The Wasteland Commission was to provide moving tickets and food to citizens living in non-fortress states so that they could move to fortified regions. This cause caught the attention of some prominent citizens and was eventually folded into the newly created government agency The Salvation Army, of which Dodge was Deputy Director under Jude Connors and LordRahl2. It was around this time that Daniel Dodge became active in party politics. As a member of the America's Advancement Party (AAP), Dodge served multiple terms as an AAP Congressman, representing the State of Colorado. Dodge was also part of party leadership for multiple months, serving on a leadership council with other active members and working as Director of Communications.

Because of RL commitments, Dodge left for a time in the Winter of 2009. However, he returned a couple of months later and took control of the US Green Liberal Democrats party. Upon getting elected Party President he reverted back to the party's former name, The Green Party. After an ineffective month in office, Daniel Dodge began to travel, moving first to the UK before settling in South Africa. There he served in the eSA military and got elected to a term in Congress. However, once again RL interfered and he once again stopped playing for a length of time.

When Dodge returned, he moved back to the US briefly before immigrating to the new nation of New Zealand. Daniel Dodge was one of the founding citizens of New Zealand, serving as the first Minister of Internal Affairs and also as NZ's first Ambassador to the United States. During his short stay in New Zealand, Dodge was a member of the Kiwi People's Party where he tried to become party president. After he didn't succeed in that, Dodge becomes a member of Peace 'n' Prosperity Party where he tried to get elected to serve for at least one term as Congress member in November 2010. Though he was never elected to Congress, he served as a strong advocate for the provisional government and the English-speaking citizens of the country during their initial struggles with Serbian immigrants.

Following his time in NZ, moved back to the US, where he failed in a bid to secure a Congressional seat in Minnesota in December of 2010. After this RL once again beckoned and he dropped out of eRep for nearly a year, resurfacing in late November of 2011. It is believed that he left the New World forever in May 2012.