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   |Republic of Moldova = {{eLink|citizen|408761|PITONIA}} (''New'')
   |Republic of Moldova = {{eLink|citizen|408761|PITONIA}} (''New'')
   |Romania = [[nemuritoruuul]]
   |Romania = [[nemuritoruuul]]
   |Russia = {{eLink|citizen|1596587|eMielga}}
   |Russia = [[CrOmieIga]]
   |Saudi Arabia = [[I-G-D]] (''Only candidate'')
   |Saudi Arabia = [[I-G-D]] (''Only candidate'')
   |Serbia = {{eLink|citizen|1633442|Ugac}}
   |Serbia = {{eLink|citizen|1633442|Ugac}}

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This presidential elections have been held on October 5, 2018.


Icon-Egypt.png Egyptpammaxoc
Icon-Nigeria.png NigeriaLord DarthVader
Icon-South Africa.png South AfricaTazanotto

North America

Icon-Canada.png CanadaMann551
Icon-Cuba.png CubaPsiho Frojdovic
Icon-USA.png USArainy sunday
Icon-Mexico.png MexicoAlexEstrella

South America

Icon-Argentina.png ArgentinaM i r M i D o N
Icon-Bolivia.png BoliviaHannibal68
Icon-Brazil.png BrazilNino Stradivarius Victorius II
Icon-Chile.png ChileJ O S E P H (Tie, New)
Icon-Colombia.png Colombiajhonatan94
Icon-Paraguay.png Paraguayheroldo
Icon-Peru.png PeruCALAVEA
Icon-Uruguay.png UruguayLeaUru (Only candidate)
Icon-Venezuela.png VenezuelaCynthia Romero (New)


Icon-Armenia.png ArmeniaThe.Lord.Armenia
Icon-China.png ChinaKris Tine (Only candidate)
Icon-Georgia.png GeorgiaKk1boRg...
Icon-India.png IndiaBastu sap (New)
Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesiaanak rajo (New)
Icon-Iran.png IranPersboy (New)
Icon-Israel.png IsraelGolden Mamba
Icon-Japan.png Japanbozimano dorks
Icon-Malaysia.png MalaysiaPhaidoncool (Only candidate)
Icon-North Korea.png North Koreaming000001
Icon-Pakistan.png PakistanWaruda
Icon-Philippines.png PhilippinesLilyanaJenoTyel
Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png Republic of China (Taiwan)H.C. (New)
Icon-Saudi Arabia.png Saudi ArabiaI-G-D (Only candidate)
Icon-Singapore.png SingaporeMorphine (Only candidate)
Icon-South Korea.png South Koreatrisoul
Icon-Thailand.png Thailandpagalidis (New)
Icon-Turkey.png Turkeysilniy udar
Icon-United Arab Emirates.png United Arab EmiratesBane Pozarevac


Icon-Albania.png AlbaniaInvulner (New)
Icon-Austria.png AustriaPrince of Austria
Icon-Belarus.png BelarusChikomaniac
Icon-Belgium.png BelgiumDirector9
Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and HerzegovinaPartigiano Giovanni (New)
Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgariawindfall
Icon-Croatia.png Croatiaantwone
Icon-Cyprus.png CyprusDictoydeurn
Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech RepublicFhaemita The Apostate (Only candidate)
Icon-Denmark.png DenmarkKitarou (Only candidate)
Icon-Estonia.png EstoniaMixliarder
Icon-Finland.png FinlandKIRURGI (New)
Icon-France.png Francegibus69
Icon-Germany.png GermanyFreiheitskaempfer
Icon-Greece.png GreeceNInja II (New)
Icon-Hungary.png Hungaryheroine17
Icon-Ireland.png IrelandSir Jack Sparrow
Icon-Italy.png Italygthreepwood (New)
Icon-Latvia.png LatviaAquila Rapax
Icon-Lithuania.png LithuaniaIPSiArt (Only candidate)
Icon-Montenegro.png MontenegroNBaki
Icon-Netherlands.png NetherlandsHenri Ackerman
Icon-Norway.png NorwayM. de Ruyter (Only candidate)
Icon-Poland.png PolandRapaport
Icon-Portugal.png PortugalPisco Soares
Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)Stole Lazarov
Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of MoldovaPITONIA (New)
Icon-Romania.png Romanianemuritoruuul
Icon-Russia.png RussiaCrOmieIga
Icon-Serbia.png SerbiaUgac
Icon-Slovakia.png SlovakiaIstencsaszar
Icon-Slovenia.png SloveniaColonel Bruce
Icon-Spain.png Spaincarlitos95
Icon-Sweden.png Swedenzzzingo
Icon-Switzerland.png SwitzerlandDeathstroke Sylar (New)
Icon-Ukraine.png UkraineVadik VV (New)
Icon-United Kingdom.png United KingdomHuey George


Icon-Australia.png AustraliaJ Seemore
Icon-New Zealand.png New ZealandKoska de STRAH