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   military rank=General|<!---no abbreviations--->
   military rank=General***|<!---no abbreviations--->
   army= Air Force | <!---no abbreviations--->
   army= Air Force | <!---no abbreviations--->

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Dr Luis Sentieiro

27 Message

Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 3842
Date of birth 28 May 2012
Residence Florida
Political party American Military Party
Secretary of State of United States White House
5 September 2012 –
Secretary of Education of United States White House
5 August 2012 – 5 September 2012
Preceded by Dennis McVicker
Succeeded by Emdoublegee
Legal Director of American Military Party
15 July 2012 – 15 August 2012
Preceded by Brad Gwatney
Succeeded by Cerb
Legal Deputy Director of American Military Party
15 June 2012 –
Retention Director of American Military Party
15 August 2012 –
Preceded by John Killah
US Ambasssador to Portugal of United States Department of State
June 2012 – August 2012
Succeeded by Grim23
Communications Director of US Department of Education
June 2012 – 5 August 2012
Succeeded by Omar Dandan
Congressman in New Jersey of US Congress
August 25th –
Military unit Air Force
Military rank Icon rank General***.png General***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Dr Luis Sentieiro is a citizen of USA.


American Military Party

Dr Luis Sentieiro was born in 28th May 2012 and joined the American Military Party. A few days later, asked the Party President Haliman to work as staffer in any of the Party Departments. A job in the Communications department was given and Dr Luis Sentieiro made part of the Mass Messaging team working with HellasUberAlles. In June 2012, Dr Luis Sentieiro found interest for the Legal Department of AMP and started working as Legal Deputy under the Mentorship of the old Legal Director Brad Gwatney. In 15 July 2012, he was invited to be part of the AMP Leadership and sat on the Legal Director seat, during this time, Dr Luis Sentieiro was responsible for several amends on the party constitution, with the contribution of Brad Gwatney and Rixx. Nowadays, Dr Luis Sentieiro is back a Legal Deputy supporting the actual Legal Director Cerb in his duties for the party, also Dr Luis Sentieiro was invited to lead the AMP Retention Department, working on a betting system for AMP, creating the AMP Mentors program and managing the AMP Goodwill program. Dr Luis Sentieiro took Turquoissesque as his Deputy Retention Director.

American Politics

US Ambassador to Portugal

During the term of June, Dr Luis Sentieiro signed the US ambassadors programm and became the US ambassador to Portugal. Since then he has been a well known figure inside the Portuguese community. The United States Ambassador was the bridge of a few deals between the US Government and the Portuguese Government. This position is still held by Dr Luis Sentieiro until the day he decides to resign it.

Department of Education

DoE Communications Department

Due to the efficiency showed in American Military Party Communications, Dr Luis Sentieiro was invited to be part of the new comms department DoE was creating to Mass Message the new citizens by Emdoublegee (Deputy of Education) and Dennis McVicker (June Secretary of Education). He was placed in charge of the communications department and was given a staff to work with. Later on the term, Dr Luis Sentieiro would assign Omar Dandan as his Deputy Director and would change the whole structure of Department of Education Communications.

First Attempt to run to congress in Gulf of Mexico

Dr Luis Sentieiro was assigned by AMP Political Action Department the state of Gulf of Mexico to run for Congress. Dr Luis Sentieiro lost the election against the candidate of the USWP named Molumze. The loss was for around 10 votes.

Secretary of Education

After the 5th August elections, Glove was elected president and asked Dr Luis Sentieiro for a government position in the Department of Education. Dr Luis Sentieiro accepted to be part of the Executive and work as the new Secretary of Education under Glove Administration. President Glove requested a project: a DoE wiki-page, the page was fully coded by Dr Luis Sentieiro, it's content is still being reviewed by Department of Education staff and shall be updated soon. Dr Luis Sentieiro is also responsible for the creation of the "American University Project" which is currently approved by the Congress and changes on the Communications Department. The American University is going to be kept by the next Secretary of Education Emdoublegee. In DoE Comms Direction, Dr Luis Sentieiro promoted Omar Dandan to take his old place.

Victory in New Jersey

During 25th August 2012, Dr Luis Sentieiro ran as official candidate for AMP in the state of New Jersey, despite the rival being from USWP and been always catching up in nunber of votes, Dr Luis Sentieiro kept a safe vote margin during a while. During the last election hours, the INCI party attempted to overcome Dr Luis Sentieiro efforts to win and take over one more seat, fortunately and since INCI was winning by one mere vote, the AMP has sniped the place for Dr Luis Sentieiro making him a winner and a current Senator representing the state of New Jersey during the 57th US Congress.

Military Career

US Boot Camp

Dr Luis Sentieiro joined the United States Air Force Boot Camp during the last days of may. Officer Emdoublegee took care of the Military recruitment process. 2 weeks later, Dr Luis Sentieiro would reach the in-game rank of Major and be considered "graduated" from boot camp and moved to the main corp of the Air Force.

US Air Force

Dr Luis Sentieiro served the Air Force Fighter Wing until the first days of August in which he'd reach the requirements to be moved to Bomber Wing and be promoted to the rank of E4-Corporal. Currently Dr Luis Sentieiro has the ambition of becoming member of the Seal Team 6 one day when he gets the requirements for a place in there.


Dr Luis Sentieiro is currently the Press Director of the newspaper "The drunk Donkey" and writter on the Department of Education "Education Today" Newspaper. During the month of July, Dr Luis Sentieiro became a Media Morgul.