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  <!-- required --> |
  name= Wooky Jack|
  wiki= Dr Luis Sentieiro|
  birth=28 May 2012 |
  death=| <---Use only if dead or banned --->
  sex= Male|
  national rank= 680 {{Increase}}|
  level= 52|
  newspaper= Hoods On Peregrine|
  picture= Citizen6025492.jpg|
  number= 6025492| <!-- this is their eRepublik profile number -->
  office1= Minister{{!}}Chief of Staff|
  office_location1= USA|
  term_begin1= 5 November 2012 |
  term_end1=5 December 2012|
  predecessor1=Molly Emma  |
  office2= Secretary of State|
  office_location2= USA|
  term_begin2= 5 September 2012 |
  term_end2=5 November 2012|
  predecessor2=Alexander Auctoritas|
  office3= Minister{{!}}Secretary of Education|
  office_location3= USA|
  term_begin3= 5 August 2012 |
  term_end3= 5 September 2012 |
  predecessor3= Dennis McVicker |
  successor3= Emdoublegee |
  office4= Party president|
  office_location4= American Military Party|
  term_begin4= 15 February 2013 |
  term_end4= 15 April 2013|
  predecessor4= Haliman|
  successor4= George S Patton Jr |
  office5= American Military Party {{!}} Chief Of Staff|
  office_location5= American Military Party|
  term_begin5= 15 December 2012 |
  term_end5= 15 January 2013|
  predecessor5= George S Patton Jr|
  successor5= Crimsonninja|
  office6= American Military Party {{!}} Legal Director|
  office_location6= American Military Party|
  term_begin6= 15 July 2012 |
  term_end6= 15 August 2012|
  predecessor6= Brad Gwatney|
  successor6= Cerb|
  office7= American Military Party {{!}}Legal Deputy Director|
  office_location7= American Military Party|
  term_begin7= 15 June 2012 |
  term_end7=15 July 2012|
  office8= American Military Party {{!}}Retention Director|
  office_location8= American Military Party|
  term_begin8= 15 August 2012 |
  term_end8=15 September 2012|
  predecessor8=John Killah|
  office9=Ambassador{{!}}Ambassador to Portugal|
  office_location9= USA|
  term_begin9= June 2012|
  term_end9= August 2012|
  successor9= Grim23|
  office10= Minister{{!}}Communications Director|
  term_begin10= June 2012|
  term_end10= 5 August 2012|
  successor10= Omar Dandan|
  office11= Congress member|
  office_location11= USA|
  office12= Congress member{{!}}Immigration Enforcement Service Director|
  office_location12= USA{{!}}US Congress|
  term_begin12= November 13rd 2012|
  term_end12= February 26th 2013|
  predecessor12=Slade Cash|
  office13= USA{{!}}Secretary of Homeland Security|
  office_location13= USA|
  term_begin13= 5 February 2013 |
  term_end13= 5 March 2013|
  office14= Federalist Party{{!}}Recruitment Director|
  office_location14= Federalist Party|
  term_begin14= 15 September 2013 |
  term_end14= 15 October 2013|
  <!-- other stuff --> |
  country= USA|
  party= Socialist Freedom Party| <!---no abbreviations--->
  residence= {{SmFlag|Russia}} [[Far Eastern Russia]]|<!----region--->
  army=[[Bear Cavalry]]|
  position= Soldier|
  military rank= God of War***|
'''Wooky Jack''', formerly known as ''5am Saint'', ''Dr Luis Sentieiro'' and ''Luis Nordmann'', is a politician of [[USA]].
Pakistan - Dictator
Australia - MoFA
First Liberator of eUSA
USA, Pacifica
x = month
Deputy Secretary of State x2
Deputy Director WHPR x2
Deputy Director DoE x5
Advisor to CP Wild Owl x3
USA - Socialist Freedom Party:
Recruitment Director x6
Revolutionary Committee x6
Congress Member x4
USA - Federalist Party:
Party President x2
Vice Party President x1
SHIELD Commanding Officer x6
Director Federalist Media x3
Deputy Director Federalist Media x3
Congress Member x10
Caucus Whip x3
SHIELD Military Unit:
CO x6
XO x1
HAMMER Director x1
QM x2
Captain x1
USA - United States Workers Party:
Congress Member x3
Caucus Whip x1

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