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Nationality Flag-Estonia.jpg Estonian
National rank 1
Date of birth 03 March, 2008
Residence Estonia
Political party Vaba ja Iseseisev Eesti
Mayor of Khon Kaen
July 21, 2008 – August 20, 2008
Preceded by Hiruma
Succeeded by lenuke
September 21, 2008 – October 14, 2008
Preceded by lenuke
Party president of Eesti eVabariigi Erakond
July 10, 2008 – August 7, 2008
Preceded by T3rror
Succeeded by T3rr0r
President of Thailand
August 19, 2008 – September 1, 2008
Preceded by blue_daffodil
Succeeded by Rockman 9
Congressman of Thailand
August 1, 2008 – October 22, 2008
Congressman of Estonia
Congressman of Switzerland
December 25, 2008 – January 24,2009
Party president of Vabadus-Iseseisev Eesti
April 8, 2009 – June 16, 2009
Succeeded by Albertti
President of Estonia
June 6, 2009 – July 5, 2009
Preceded by SgtMaj
Succeeded by Thucar
Party president of Vaba ja Iseseisev Eesti
August 16, 2009 –
Preceded by Angst Winterblest
Military unit Estonia
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

S33vald is citizen of Estonia. Long and hard history. You can write book about him.

s33vald history

s33vald is born March.03,2008.

s33vald residencses

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Thailand
  3. Finland
  4. South Africa
  5. Switzerland

Companies where s33vald has worked

At the moment

  1. Eesti Must Leib

In Finland

  1. Finland Food Company (as general manager)
  2. Finland Wood Company (as general manager)

In Ireland

  1. Ireland Gifts

In Thailand

  1. Houses
  2. Utopia
  3. Yotsuba Houses
  4. s33vald gifts (as general manager)
  5. Mocitos ( as general manager)
  6. Thai Houses(as general manager)
  7. Thai Houses
  8. s33vald Gifts
  9. Eagle One
  10. Estonia Food Service
  11. Estonia Food Service (as general manager)
  12. s33vald Gifts

In the UK

  1. Portakabin


Parties that s33vald has belonged to

At the moment

  1. Vabadus-Iseseisev Eesti

In Ireland

  1. Irish Union Party

In Thailand

  1. Thai Democratic Party

Congressman, Major of Khon Kaen

  1. Thailand Group for Better Future
  2. Thai Nation Together
  3. Eesti eVabariigi Erakond
  4. Estonian eRepublik Party
  5. United Liberals

Also have been mayor of Khon Kaen 3rd times.. Also have been congressmen in Thailand 5th times. Also have been President of Thailand Once..

In the UK

  1. The Conservative Party
  2. People's Communist Party
  3. UK Reform

s33vald skills

  1. Strength - 16,00


Eesti Reaalsus is the newspaper owned and published by S33vald.