Second China-Pakistan War

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Second China-Pakistan War
Map of Second China-Pakistan War
Date 23rd April 2009 - –
3rd May 2009
Location Asia
Result Chinese victory
Territorial Changes China occupied Jammu and Kashmir
Fights 55,676
Flag-China.jpg China
Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Flag-Iran.jpg Iran
Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazil
Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan
Flag-Romania.jpg Romania
Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Commanders and Leaders
Han Solo

China vs. Pakistan war was started by Chinese declaration of war[1] on early April 2009.


During Romania-Indonesia War Pakistan was under Romanian control. President of Pakistan, Romanian citizen Han Solo declared war into Indonesia[2] to block them from attacking Romania. Only few days after declaration, China entered to this conflict by declaring war to Pakistan [3]. China's president at the time was Indonesian Mimihitam. China attacked to Pakistan to prevent Pakistan from blocking Indonesia.


China launched his first attack on April 24th, 2009 on Pakistanian occupied region of India, Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan secured region easily. Battle hero of China was dantzing with 4236 points of damage. Pakistanian battle hero was Grinch85 who made 2148 points of damage. After loss, China had to wait 24 before it could attack again. Almost exactly 24 hours after first battle ended, China attacked Jammu and Kashmir again. China didn't have more luck this time and Pakistan secured the region.

After second battle of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan finally made it's counter attack to China. Pakistan attacked into Chinese region Tibet. China and their allies easily secured that region. On the next day China attacked to Jammu and Kashmir for third time but like before Pakistan secured region.

Few days after third battle of Jammu and Kashmir, on 2rd of May, China attacked there for fourth time. And this time China was succesful. It conquered Jammu and Kashmir from Pakistan and war between these two countries ended.


China blocked Pakistan effectively from blocking Indonesia and managed to conquer Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan lost it's only region and war between these two countries ended. Han Solo was impeached when Indonesians were able to gain majority of Pakistan's congress seats in April 2009 congressional elections.