Second PBA Philippine Cup

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PBA Philippine Cup
Start of Games May 1, 2014
End of Games TBD
Number of Games TBD
Broadcast Partners PBA on Rizon
Champions TBD
  Second Place TBD
  Third Place TBD
Best Player TBD
Finals MVP TBD
Previous Conference First Reinforced Cup
Next Conference Second Reinforced Cup

The Second Philippine Basketball Association Philippine Cup is the opening conference of the Third PBA Season. The tournament started on May 1, 2014 (Day 2354) and is expected to finish in September 2014. The tournament does not allow teams to hire foreign players or imports. The tournament is sponsored by the Bamboo Group of Companies and Splash Industries.


The tournament format for this conference is as follows:

  • In the preliminary round, each team will battle teams in the same group twice and teams in the other groups once. Each of the 16 teams play 18 games.
  • Top eight teams will advance to the quarterfinals. The teams will be ranked by win percentage. Ties will be broken by point difference, then by the scores in the games between the tied teams. If the tie persists, tie-breaker game/s will be played.
  • Quarterfinals (best-of-3 series*):
    • QF1: #1 vs #8
    • QF2: #2 vs #7
    • QF3: #3 vs #6
    • QF4: #4 vs #5
  • Semifinals (best-of-5 series):
    • SF1: QF1 vs QF4
    • SF2: QF2 vs QF3
  • Finals (best-of-7 series):
    • SF1 vs SF2 winners

Note: * if a team sweeps (i.e. wins all its games), they will get a twice-to-beat advantage.

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