Slavic Union Armed Forces

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Slavic Union Armed Forces

"Sláva! Слава! Sława!"

General Information
Disbanded November 8th 2011
Country Flag-Slovakia.jpg Slovakia
Commanded by Ghostbiker

The Slavic Union Armed Forces (Short: SUAF) was the official military force of the Slavic Union. The Military Unit was created by Ghostbiker, former President of Slovakia. It was the first MU created in Slovakia. SUAF was fighting for Slavic countries and friends, defending interests of Slavic Union. Members come from various Slavic countries.

Ghostbiker raised it with 40 Gold, Level 27 and rank Colonel**.

 Slovania, držme spolu a nik nás nepremôže! 

Nations at the Union

The Union is counting 13 nations:

Leadership & Membership

After Ghostbiker took a break, he appointed martin 123456789 as a new Military Unit Leader. Then a part of MU mebers left SUAF and Hochelus has been appointed as the third Leader in a row. Currently the Unit is lead by 3 members: fwdre (2nd Commander), Ghostbiker (Commander) and Hochelus (1st Regiment Captain)

Renaming of SUAF to The Memes

On November 8th, the Unit has been renamed to The Memes, due to inactivity and new views.

SUAF Revival

On January 11th, 2012, the Unit was successfully given to Hochelus and renamed back to SUAF.