Squall Leonheart

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Dead citizen

Squall Leonheart

30 Message

eRepublik Ambassador
Nationality Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgarian
Date of birth 12.01.2009 - Day 419
Date of death January 2015 (est)
Residence Sofia
Sex Male
President of Bulgaria
February 05, 2010 – March 05, 2010
Preceded by Garabeda
Succeeded by cTaHucJIaB
Party president of VMRO
October 2009 – November 2009
Preceded by LordOfKiller
Succeeded by Utku Akin
December 2009 – January 2010 (est)
Preceded by Utku Akin
Party president of Bulgarian Democratic Party
August 2010 – September 2010
Preceded by J Grey
Succeeded by nqmame_zaguben_flag
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal**.png Supreme Marshal**


  • Squall Leonheart had a high manufacturing and land skill during V1 version of the game.
  • Squall Leonheart has achieved 24 Hard Worker achievements to date.


  • Squall Leonheart has earnt 29 Super Soldier achievements.
  • Squall Leonheart has been Battle hero on 8 occasions.
  • Soldier in:




  • Squall is one of the best recruiters, gaining 59 Society Builder achievements.