Stone Ocean (Military Unit)

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Stone Ocean

Military unit Stone ocean.png

In Dio We Trust

General Information
Country Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan
Region Punjab
Total Soldiers 47
Commanded by Wooky Jack
2nd Commander Dimow Brando, Hakutaku
1st Regiment Captain Nyx Lynx, Agent Chieftain
Part of Vento Aureo


Stone Ocean formed as a Military Unit in the era after a period of great disillusion, frequently referred to as The Disillusionment Period. It was during this period when Pakistan struggled to find its true light, roaming from dictator to dictator, warlord to warlord, darkness to darkness. The Dark Knight had tried to turn the great nation of holy sand into an empty, soulless place. Spiritualism had been lost, and the people roamed the streets and wastelands with empty souls and barren hearts. Gold and medals and money were all that mattered.

Stone Ocean rose like a phoenix, reenergizing many to action. Dioists from around the world returned to the Sands, inspired by the rumors that the Spirit of Dio was indeed alive, stirring the sands and unleashing a great energy. Once together, they joined Vento Aureo, discussed ideas of faith, pride, power and sang songs about Dio Brando and AgentChieftain., They talked about the nation returning to Dioist Totalitarianism, and discussed the fundamentals of Dioist faith. They shared scriptures from The Book of Dio and discussed the teachings of Poco Curantism.

Stone ocean soldiers sing songs about Dio

List of notable soldiers