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A normal storage.
A large storage.
Storage.png Storage (AKA. Unified inventory) is a building you can find from your places. It's used to store your products and raw materials. Every product your company produces will be added to your storage. If your company creates products, the raw materials used to create the products will be taken from your storage.

Tip: You can access your storage with SHIFT+S keyboard shortcut.

The Storage Slots

Storage slots are divided in several categories
Your storage is presented in slots. In each slot you are able to hold as many products as the storage can hold. Different quality products are stored in different slots. The top row will show the products you own and the lower row will show you the raw materials your storage holds.

When you hover over product in the products row, you will see detailed information about that product. That information contains:

  • Product and its quality
  • It's attributes
  • If there are partially used products, it will be mentioned.

Note: Partially used items cannot be sold nor transferred to another citizen.


The Collections section shows the amount of Bazookas, Rockets and Bazooka parts you have.

  • You can create a bazooka if you have enough parts (one of each) by clicking "Assemble all" button.
  • You can create a Rocket if you have enough weapons (Q1-Q6) and currency by clicking "Build Rocket" button.

Expanding your storage

Special storage
Main article: Buildings#Storages

You can always expand your storage capacity by clicking Create.png in My places and choosing Storages.

Selling products from your storage

Storage sell.png

You can sell your items/raw materials from your storage. To do that you need to fill out following information:

  • Product and its quality (use the drop-down menu to select it)
  • Quantity
  • Price / unit (the final price with taxes)
  • The country you want to sell your products to

The current offers you have will be shown underneath new offer row. You can remove your offer by hovering over the offer line and press red X button.

  • Notes:
    1. You can only sell products that haven't been used!
    2. You can also sell products to countries that are fully conquered!
    3. You can't sell products to countries that is at direct war with your citizenship country!
    4. You can't sell products to countries that has an Trade embargo with your citizenship country!
    5. If you want to sell products to different countries, you need to buy licenses OR you can get free licenses if you have bought licenses to your companies before day 1,210.
    6. In order to sell on the marketplace citizens must have an Adult Title.

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