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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
National rank 101
Date of birth May 10th, 2009. Day 573
Residence Ontario
Sex Panda Male
Political party Canadian Progressive Front
Congress of Prince Edward Island
25th of June – July 25th
Congress of Yukon
July 25th – August 25th
Congress of Alberta
August 25th, 2009 – October 25th, 2009
Congress of Ontario
October 25th –
Chief of staff of Canada
5th of August, 2009 – 5th of September
Military unit Canadian Armed Forces
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Birth of a Panda

On day 573, in the distant island of Taiwan, a little baby panda was born in the new world. His mother, afraid that he would fall victim to the Indonesians who where occupying the land, decided to put him in a raft, and sent him out to sea. Eventually, he arrived on the other side of the Pacific ocean in beautiful British Columbia. He had escaped the clutches of PEACE GC early in his life, but they would once again come after him one day...

Life and Times of TaiwanPanda

TP spent his first month as a simple two clicker. That all changed in June 2009, when he finally become old enough to run for congress. He joined the Canadian Social Democrats, and successfully won his first seat in congress in P.E.I. Since then he served 5 consecutive terms as an active member of the Canadian Congress. He was also appointed to cabinet as Chief of Staff in August for the Jacobi administration. He also serves as Canada's ambassador to Sweden. In November 2009 he left the Canadian Social Democrats and joined the Canadian Progressive Front.

When PEACE GC finally came after him in WWIII by invading Canada, he decided to get involved in the war by providing Canadians with weapons for bargain prices, and donating the proceeds to the Canadian Armed forces. Thus began his career as a Canadian businessman. Shortly after he opened his first iron company in order to help supply Canada. This eventually expanded, and he currently owns 5 companies with his organization, "Lee Dynasty" None of these companies companies are currently active, however, he is the co-owner of a Q2 oil company operated by Nosyt.

TaiwanPanda was originally a private in the 20th Omega Reserves platoon of the Canadian Armed Forces, but transferred to the Second Rangers Platoon upon its creation. He spent a brief amount of time living in Greece after Canada was annexed by France.


-Personally funded the Q4 hospital in British Columbia

-Is one of the only Panda's capable of talking, and saying "meow"

-Officer of the Order of Canada, for his efforts to provide Canadians with the means to fight during the war. Orderofcanada.jpg

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 5x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 6x Congress Member
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 2x Super Soldier
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif 1x Society Builder