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Teh User

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Nationality Flag-UK.jpg British
National rank 487
Date of birth 9th December 2008 - Day 385
Residence South West of England
Political party The Unity Party
Congressman of UK
26 January 2009 – 25 April 2009
Military rank Icon rank Private.png [[Military rank|Icon Colonel.jpg Colonel]]
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Teh User is a citizen of UK.


Teh User has excellent Manufacturing skill and is considered a valued employee. He has received the following Hard Worker medals:

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 6x Hard Worker


Teh User was and active politician in UK. He was member of The Unity Party and was elected in a Congress of UK. He served 4 terms as a member of Congress.


Teh User has achieved a military rank of Colonel and has been awarded 2 Super Soldier medals.


The Colonial is the newspaper published by Teh User. It has over 30 subscribers.