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General Information
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Abbreviation TPL
Colors Red & White
Founded 2011
President cristi4seby
Members 522
Congress Occupancy 10/40 seats, 25%
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Leadership of the party
  • Icon position councillor.png Councillor

Templierii ("The Templars") is currently the largest political party in Romania. The Templars Party was founded in 2011 by Equimanthorn and the members of the military unit that carries the same name, Templierii. Templierii Party was created to meet the necessity of soldiers, from the military unit but limited to, to be part of the political life in Romania. The party reached TOP 5 in Romania in a short time and in the same year 2012 it was the #1 party in the New World, reaching a number of over 1000 members.

Association of Nations

Day 2068: cristi4seby, Party President of Templierii Party, with srbin1,Party President of Ujedinjena eSrbija Party, established the document that gave birth to ASON (Association of Nations), an international organization of political parties.

Quoting from the document: "ASON is international organization that brings together parties which were founded and operating in the web browser strategic game, eRepublik (hereinafter referred to as organization). The goal of the organization is a collaboration of the parties at the international level, the development of friendly relations among the members, strengthening member parties internationally and domestically, the exchange of experiences among members and the culture of the countries from which members are coming."

File:Party president2.png Party presidents

List of Party Presidents:

Party Leader Time Served
2013 From To
Equimanthorn November 16th 2011 December 15th 2011
Pedro 1984 December 16th 2011 January 15th 2012
Cruciatu January 16th 2012 February 15th 2012
Cruciatu February 16th 2012 March 15th 2012
sebasrb March 16th 2012 April 15th 2012
IceGysmo April 16th 2012 May 15th 2012
cristian_p_1 May 16th 2012 June 15th 2012
Poofee June 16th 2012 July 15th 2012
Equimanthorn July 16th 2012 August 15th 2012
RIZBOT August 16th 2012 September 15th 2012
cristi4seby September 16th 2012 October 15th 2012
RIZBOT October 16th 2012 November 15th 2012
MugurCosmin November 16th 2012 December 15th 2012
MugurCosmin December 16th 2012 January 15th 2013
cristi4seby January 16th 2013 February 15th 2013
darky44 February 16th 2013 March 15th 2013
MugurCosmin March 16th 2013 April 15th 2013
cristi4seby April 16th 2013 May 15th 2013
MugurCosmin May 16th 2013 June 15th 2013
cristi4seby June 16th 2013 July 15th 2013
cristi4seby July 16th 2013 August 15th 2013
s4ndu August 16th 2013 September 15th 2013
s4ndu September 16th 2013 October 15th 2013
D00Py October 16th 2013 November 15th 2013
cristi4seby November 16th 2013 December 15th 2013
cristi4seby December 16th 2013 January 15th 2014
cristi4seby January 16th 2014 February 15th 2014

Beta Congressman.gif Congressmen

Currently, there are 10 romanian congressmen from Templierii.

Voting Statistics
February March April May June July August September October November December January
599 votes (35.21%) 546 votes (29.82%) 517 votes (29.38%) 378 votes (25.58%) 432 votes (27.64%) 448 votes (29.15%) 454 votes (30.93%) 427 votes (27.69%) 417 votes (28.29%) 423 votes (28.68%) 328 votes (26.75%) 362 votes (25.86%)