The Order of Christian X

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The Order of Christian X was created on day 1.082. The day Denmark was finally free from suppression and dictatorship by the Serbian PTO. The CX insignia is rewarded to those who have struggled, fought and stood their ground against the PTO, using every last breath to defeat them.


The order consist of 3 classes.

  • First Order class (gold)
  • Second Order class (silver)
  • Third Order class (bronze)

Out from each individual's efforts, so is the person given the class.

"Much sweat and tears have been made in the effort to withstand and defeat the damned PTO and that should not go unrewarded. It may not be much as it is worth no gold or posses any real value, only the honor of receiving this reward. Out from how long and for how much effort the person has been fighting against the PTO so shall that said person be rewarded: The Order of Christian X (Known as a strong nationalistic symbol for the Danes under a fierce occupation by foreign enemies.)"


Insignia (Gold - Silver - Bronze)

The Order

First Order

Second Order

Third Order