The Unity Policies

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This is the official statement of The Unity Party's policies as set out during the early part of 2013 through several months of debate. Party President Bohemond4 promised that they would be completed should he be elected in May and indeed they were.

The Unity Policies

The Unity Party’s Statement: We as a party dedicate ourselves to the continued welfare of the eUnited Kingdom and promise to continue providing hard working and dedicated Members of Parliament and His Majesty’s Government in order to further the interests of the eUnited Kingdom.

Foreign Policy

30px‎The Unity Party believe the UK is best served by being a member of 'The World Is Ours,' (TWO), a global and powerful alliance of friendly countries

30px]The Unity Party believes that when signing MPPs outside of TWO members we should only sign after a debate upon the merits of signing this MPP in order to save money


30pxThe Unity Party believes that war is good and necessary for our citizens, and that we should pursue any war that will benefit the UK.

30pxThe Unity Party believes the UK should have an 'Armed Forces Group' of 'safe' Military Units, that the government should advertise as the UK's official military and encourage new players to join

30pxThe Unity Party believes that we should run our own military unit, 'TUP Family,' for those members of ours that want a casual game experience and a place to fight with friends and fellow party members in game.


30pxThe Unity Party believes the UK should operate with a balanced budget, with a sensible tax policy matching income with spending. The government should consider this when discussing war and mutual protection pacts.

Domestic Policies

30px]The Unity Party believe that the official UK forum and official IRC are useful tools for citizens of erepublik, and will promote their use within the party and country.

30pxThe Unity Party believe the government should provide games, quizzes and other fun for its citizens

30pxThe Unity Party believe the government should provide a comprehensive library of guides for its new players

30pxThe Unity Party believe that vote buying for articles is unneccesary and we will campaign against its use, except for important government announcements that need immediate coverage

30pxThe Unity Party believe that the NHS is of huge help to new players and will support it with volunteers, mentors and donations wherever and whenever possible

30pxThe Unity Party believes that Congress should be more involved within the arc of government and held accountable to the people for the work that they do, to this end we will seek the continued implementation of Mr Woldy's Ideal Government Project