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Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-France.jpg French
National rank 21
Date of birth Day 631 of the New World(12/08/09)
Residence Lyon, Rhone Alps France
Sex Male
Political party Courant Alternatif
Faith Failisme
Married to Nanar
(13/06/10 – )
Newspaper Kezaco
Party President of Courant Alternatif
16 janvier 2010 – 15 mars 2010
Preceded by Fabio86
Succeeded by Le Grecologue
Vice president of France
6 février 2010 – 5 mars 2010
Served under Ivan Dusaiks
Preceded by Skzapa
Succeeded by Naicha
Minister of Foreign Affairs of France
6 mars 2010 – 5 avril 2010
Served under Azaret
Preceded by jrcourtois
Succeeded by Jean Roquefort and Asiah425
Vice president of France
6 april 2010 – 5 may 2010
Served under Fabio86
Preceded by Naischa
Succeeded by Ernesto-Che-Guevara
Vice president of France
6 july 2010 – 5 august 2010
Served under Myyst
Preceded by Georges Habidbol
Vice president of France
6 janvier 2011 – 5 février 2011
Served under Nicolas Bonaparte
Preceded by Kemelvor
Succeeded by Nemesis02 and Ylirion
President of France
6 June 2011 – 17 June 2011
Preceded by Tototwalker
Succeeded by O_Neill
President of France
24 June 2011 – 27 June 2011
Preceded by O_Neill
Succeeded by jrcourtois
Congressman of France
26th September 2010 – 25th January 2011
Congressman of France
26th February 2010 – 25th march 2010
Congressman of Singapore
26th September 2010 – 25th october 2010
Military unit WinterFail
Military rank Icon rank National Force.png National Force
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


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Tifididl is a citizen of France, born during the french babyboom of August 2009. He served five term as congressman for Courant Alternatif and was two time president of this party . He's four times Vice president in France and one time Minister of foreign affairs. In june 2011, he's elected as president, even if France is invaded by Poland and Hungary is doing a good job with his government before asking himslef to be impeached because of technical problems making him unable to be connect to internet. 7 days after the new president O_Neill was also impeached and because of a bug, Tifididlwas put as President again instead of the 4th of the elections jrcourtois (the 3rd Nya Mua Dib was no longer french citizen). After 3 days, admins solved this problem and so jrcourtois became finally president.