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Unión Social Independentista

General Information
Country Flag-Chile.jpg Chile
Abbreviation USI
Forum [1]
Founded February 14 of 2009
President Purohueso
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Prosperidad y Seguridad
Succeeded By Partido Militar Chileno
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

It is a political party in Chile, Guidance Center-Left or Left Moderate

Party ideology

The Social Union Independentista is the expression of movements for independence in the defense of culture, history and development as part of full exploitation of the wealth of other empires.

The Independence Party Social Union (USI) born from the feelings of independence and libertarian classics of our great heroes of our land, as examples of maintaining the culture and the free development of every country, every nation, but more importantly, the free development Peoples' Extortion and without the oppression of the strongest interfering with the identity of the region. All this by collecting the contribution of independent thought with the ideas of social democracy.

 Freedom of the New World is the hope of the universe. 
(Simon Bolivar)

Quoting Simon Bolivar, the hope is that this is eMundo free peoples to maintain the great development of these cultures in order to achieve large overall progress of nations towards a better international and where equality and justice are from this advance.

 Give me liberty to know, think, think and act freely according to conscience, above all other freedoms. 
(John Milton)

With wisdom grows freedom, placing knowledge, thought, faith and act freely on trivial freedoms, and to develop fully the freedom of nations united by the hand and together, without the oppression of those who are call extorting and strong pressure on the small to disappear over time.

 We love the freedom that makes us feel the poetry of life, and we are ever more widely as human as we fight for freedom. 
(Eduardo Angeloz)

Freedom belongs to us by culture and human development, an important and noble cause of fighting to get through without interest, rather than the personal development and your people to know and feel the joy of freedom in the smile of the Children who look with faith and hope for the future.

The man is framed and to be free to operate freely in this world, culturally, socially, to achieve the major goals of a noble, full of pride in that feeling of full satisfaction that will come tomorrow, a gift "that was given to man to arrive and let life fly by.

To be more free, we become more fully as people, this development is offset by the responsible freedom of the people, our knowledge without limits or restrictions for the development of the real world.

Although these databases are still not finished what I have to bring our party and to define these days most consistent themes to economic, military and social life.

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The following list shows the number of representatives it had in the congress:

Month Members in Congress Percentage
February 7 23%


Unión Social Independentista(Social Union Independentista) is the successor to the Prosperidad y Seguridad (Prosperity and Security), in February 2009 after it was founded Cochrane took the previous party, winning the chairmanship of the party democratically. The party is now a Center-Left or Left Moderated, in February 2009 obtained a 23% representation in Congress.


  1. Cochrane
  2. Purohueso