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Union Progresista

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General Information
Country Flag-Chile.jpg Chile
Abbreviation UP
Forum [1]
Colors Blue, Yellow
Founded February 2011
President C.criis
Members 75
Congress Occupancy 7/33 seats, 21.21%
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Progressist, Libertarian

Union Progresista

Union Prigresista was created in February 2011 as a project of revival of the Chilean left, and with the support of many former PS. The anger came from Rodriguistas Party (PR) where the Progressive Union hinted at a kind of salvation in the New Left eChile.

The idea was born from Camilov Lennon and Joaqmuo, dissatisfied by showing conservatism within the existing PR and disorder, many members joined together the cause of collect 40 golds and create the Union Prigresista.

Among its founders are Camilo Silva (Kmilon), Camilo Rojas (Camilov Lennon), Joaquín Muñoz (Joaqmuo), Gabriel Ortiz (Gabriel Ortiz), Cristobal Navarro (C. Criis), José Miguel Pérez (xKodakx), the latter comprises in March .

Union Progresista


Party President

Icon position party president.gif
Imagen Ciudadano Fecha
55px Camilov Lennon Septiembre 2011 - Octubre 2011

Past Presidents of the Party


In the course of the UP in eChile have been elected members of Congress, and these who have contributed more to eChile.

Icon - Congress.jpg
Imagen Ciudadano Región
El Terminador Mid Andes
55px Camilov Lennon Norte Grande
55px C.criis Zona Central
55px ThE LucK No AprObleM Zona Sur
55px bUllangUera Zona Austral

Past Congress Members


Icon position country president.gif Presidents
Picture Citizen Date
55px Jimo.Joaq July - August 2011

Support for presidential candidates from other parties


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