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Flag of USA   Coat of Arms of USA

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General rank 6
Anthem "Danger Zone"<video type="youtube" id="uNofXKppggQ&autoplay=0&loop=1" width="100%" height="25px" frame="false" position="center" />
Motto In Publius We Trust
Capital Florida
Population 12395
President Evry
Party American Military Party
Currency Flag-USA.jpg United States Dollar (USD)
Minimum salary Flag-USA.jpg 1.00 USD
Average salary Flag-USA.jpg 241.00 USD
Territories 7
IRC irc://irc.rizon.net/#usa-chat

Map of USA

Last update March 19th, 2011

The United States of America is a nation situated in the Western Hemisphere of the world sandwiched by Canada to the North and Mexico to the South. The USA, like most nations, regularly holds foreign territories and has both expanded and contracted over time.

Paper-Compass.png Geography

The United States of America is part of the continent of North America. Its capital is located in Florida. Previously the capital was California during World War V, and originally was Washington D.C. until it was temporarily conquered by Portugal during World War III. It has 51 original regions: 48 states in the continental US; one district; 2 detached states; Alaska borders western Canada and Russia, and Hawaii is a string of islands in the Pacific Ocean linked to several countries in Asia.

At various times the USA has held several colonies for extended periods of time in Asia and Europe. The United States borders the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Spain, Japan, Ireland, India, Indonesia, China, North Korea, and Russia via its coastlines.

Icon taxes.gif Economy

Icon-taxes.gif Taxes

Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food 0% 1% 5%
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 0% 1% 5%
Icon - Aircraft Q1.png Aircraft 0% 0% 0%
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png Tickets 0% 0% 0%
Icon - House Q3.png Houses 0% 1% 1%
Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material 0% 1% -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material 0% 1% -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material 0% 1% -
Icon - Aircraft Raw Materials.png Aircraft raw material 0% 0% -
  • Last update: 12 April 2016

Embargo List

United States of America has the following trading embargoes:

This country doesn't have any trading embargoes at the moment.

Tax History

Military Organization

The United States Armed Forces is the official regular fighting force of the United States. Both the United States Armed Forces and some militias are funded by Congress, with militias being funded via the Office of Militia Support (whose funds are appropriated by Congress). The United States Military (US Military), which was formerly the de facto military organization for the United States, now ceases to be funded by Congress due to disputes between its leadership and Congress. Players who are not with military units were supported by the Meals on Wheels program, which has since been replaced by the Arm America program.

United States Armed Forces

The United States Armed Forces consists of five divisions:


Militias are paramilitary organizations which are separate from the US Armed Forces, these Military Units do not receive federal support. The current militias are:

Defunct Militias

Icon chatroom.gif Society

The population of the United States is symbolic of the country, with its core members being citizens of the United States in real life.

Dioism.png Religion

In April 2010, President Woxan named Dioism the official religion of the United States. Many people have denounced it, opting for atheism or other various religions. Dioism is the longest-lasting religion in eRepublik history. Despite Dioism being controversial at first in America, no presidents have taken steps to remove the official religion, and criticism has since died down.

Icon welcome.gif Government Structure

Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif Constitution

I. Governing Principle

The two branches of government are the Executive and Congress. The branches conduct themselves based on how they and the Code define their internal and external procedures.

II. Congressional Principles

  1. Congress shall organize itself as it sees fit.
  2. Congress controls the nation's money, holds authority and responsibility over allocation of tax revenue, and shall take under advisement expert opinion from the executive and military.
  3. Any citizen or organization receiving funds from congress should employ those funds as indicated in the budget or funding request approved by congress.

III. Executive Principles

  1. The country president is the head of state, chief diplomat and Commander in Chief of the eUSA and its armed forces. The President as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces maintains complete control over the Armed Forces. The country president may delegate power to congress or appoint advisers and aides to assist.
  2. The country president appoints a cabinet, which administers all national programs which do not fall under the military or congress. Unless directed otherwise, programs created by Congress will transfer to the executive branch once the SoH approves of the transfer.
  3. The country president may make proposals to congress which fall under his responsibilities as head of state, chief diplomat, Commander-in-Chief, and eUSA country president, after consultation with relevant bodies within the three branches if necessary.
  4. As Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces, the President may temporarily suspend funding of the military. Congress will then hold an immediate vote, approving or opposing this decision, lasting for 30 hours, where a majority decision is required. The outcome of the Congressional vote determines whether funding resumes.

IV. Military Principles

  1. The military shall be organized as prescribed in the Appendix titled 'Constitutional Appendix: Military Organization & Roles'.
  2. The Constitutional Appendix: Military Organization & Roles shall be modified following identical procedures as a Constitutional Amendment.

More Information

For information on the Congresses of the United States, see USA Congress.

For information about ambassadors, see American Ambassadors or USA Ambassadors

Icon - Congress.jpg Politics

The top 5 political parties of America are listed below, arranged according to membership.

Icon position party member.gif Major Parties

Party Abb Logo Party President Political Orientation Ideology Congress seats Total Members
United States Workers Party USWP
Party-United States Workers Party.jpg
Alexander_Auctoritas Center Liberatarian 20 916
American Military Party AMP John Killah Center-left Libertarian 15 766
Republican Liberty Caucus RLC
Republican Liberty Caucus.jpg
Dutch Marley Center-right Libertarian 4 545
Federalist Party FP
Federalist Party.jpg
twisted-pixel Center-left Authoritarian 4 458
South Carolina Ulku Ocaklari INCI Kemal Ergenekon Far-left Anarchist 11 406

MPP List

Icon history.png History

Icon naturalenemy.gif Main article: History of the United States of America

Major Historical Events

US/Canadian War

On April 11th, 2008 the war between the United States and Canada commenced, and ended on April 26th. The battlefield statistics are disputed as incorrect, but the fight totals were 719 victories for Canadians to 400 for the USA, with 329 draws. There were 1448 total fights within the war, which was also paused twice due to bugs.

The Invasion of the United States of America

On 15th of July 2009, the state of Alaska was invaded by Russian forces. World War III Within 2 months of this event, the United States was down to one region, but under the strategic planning of President Emerick and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Eugene Harlot, America won back six regions, before signing a contract with Portugal, known as the USA-Portugal Treaty. This contract gave them all the originally American, Portuguese-controlled regions. This came after the United States got the Indonesian MPP with the Portuguese to cancel, thus causing the Portuguese front to weaken significantly. Other rumors say the Portuguese were afraid of an invasion of their homeland. America finally succeeded in eliminating all PEACE forces in October of 2009.

The UK-USA War

Main article: UK-USA War

On February 1, 2010, President Jewitt officially attacked the United Kingdom, thus starting a war that had been fought only with words for months. The next president, Josh Frost, ran the country for most of the war, and he brought the country to the edge of victory, claiming all of the UK's regions except for London. After one failed attack on the capital and fortress state, a peace treaty was signed between Frost and UK Prime Minister GLaDOS, returning all of the UK's original regions. The war is considered a tie because the US conquered most of the UK, but was unable to take the last region.

Russian Invasion

On August 22, 2010, the US attacked Russia's Far Eastern Russia. Using time zones effectively and proper coordination with EDEN, they won the fight easily. They then went on to attack Eastern and Western Siberia. In the v2 war module, Russia could have attacked FER while battling for ESR, so the US's allies in North Korea attacked FER to block any other battles in the region. The US retreated that region to North Korea, and then China attacked it. When China won, Poland attacked it. Using this strategy for the other two regions as well, America successfully kept Russia from counterattacking, and also swapped their allies into economically important regions in Russia. At the end of the three days of battles and swapping, Poland owned Western Siberia, China owned Eastern Siberia, and America owned Far Eastern Russia, which they renamed West Alaska.

World War V

Main article: World War V

In April of 2011 the USA was invaded by joint ONE and aligned forces during World War V. By April 14 the country had been split, isolating both the South and New England from the Mid-West and Western states when Spanish and Mexican forces met at the Mississippi River. During this time Canada would also occupy a number of US states in a Terra-allied effort to prevent ONE expansion into the US homeland. This included the former country capital of Florida. Thereafter the nation's capital would be moved to California. The final remaining region of Hawaii was conquered by Indonesia on 1 July, 2011 only for the USA to return to the map by successfully winning resistance wars in Arizona, which became the nation's capital, and California. Shortly thereafter, the United States pushed invading forces out and proceeded to counterattack removing the ONE presence from North America before going on the offensive in Spain.

Icon position country president.gif Presidential History

The list of presidents in the history of the United States so far:

President Tenure Comments Version Term Number
1 90px Korbin King December 2007 February 2008 First president Beta 2
2 Citizen52381 v2.jpg Nave Saikiliah March 2008 June 2008 Created the monetary 'peg', waged the USA's first war 3
3 80px Dishmcds June 2008 July 2008 1
4 80px Archibald July 2008 September 2008 Signed ATLANTIS Charter 2
5 Citizen489321.jpg Immunogenic September 2008 October 2008 1
6 Citizen532651.jpg Roby Petric October 2 2008 October 12 2008 Resigned over v1 implementation .5
7 Citizen414812.jpg ThisGenMedia October 12 2008 November 2008 In-game name "Teacher"; Ascended via Vice Presidency V1 .5
8 Citizen5119.jpg Benn Dover November 6 2008 January 5 2009 First President to serve in 2009 2
9 80px Justinious Mcwalburgson III January 6 2009 February 5 2009 1
10 Citizen133211.jpg Uncle Sam February 6 2009 March 22 2009 Impeached 1.5
11 80px Scrabman March 22 2009 July 5 2009 Ascended via impeachment, later elected for 3 terms 3.5
12 80px Harrison Richardson July 6 2009 August 5 2009 Formerly ThisGenMedia/Teacher/Franco; World War III began during his term 1
13 80px Emerick August 6 2009 September 12 2009 WW3 turned around during this term; resigned due to personal issues. Later re-elected to 2 consecutive terms. First president to run 4 times successfully and be elected. 1.5*
14 Citizen1245965.jpg Gaius Julius September 12 2009 November 5 2009 Ascended via resignation, later elected; Finished WW3 1.5
15 80px Josh Frost November 6 2009 December 5 2009 Brought USA into EDEN 1*
16 Citizen1224939.jpg Jewitt December 6 2009 February 5 2010 First President to serve in 2010 2
17 80px Josh Frost February 6 2010 March 5 2010 First U.S. president to serve non-consecutive terms 1*
18 Citizen1505138.jpg PigInZen March 6 2010 April 5 2010 Brought USA out of EDEN 1
19 100px Woxan April 6 2010 May 5 2010 Brought Dioism to America 1
20 80px Harrison Richardson May 6 2010 June 5 2010 1
21 Citizen1441072.jpg Chocolate McSkittles June 6 2010 July 5 2010 1
22 80px Bradley Reala July 6 2010 August 5 2010 First U.S. president to serve in V2 V2 1
23 80px St Krems August 6 2010 October 5 2010 Conquered Eastern Russia 2
24 80px Colin Lantrip October 6 2010 November 5 2010 1
24 80px Alexander Hamilton November 6 2010 December 5 2010 Took Indo's Virginity 1
25 80px Josh Frost December 6 2010 January 5 2011 Third non-consecutive term 1*
26 80px Haliman January 6 2011 February 5 2011 1
27 80px Julian Mizu February 6 2011 March 5 2011 Real life issues after the first week led to Vice President GoalieBCSC becoming Acting President. 1
28 80px Glove March 6 2011 April 5 2011 Brought the USA into World War V 1*
29 80px Emerick April 6 2011 June 5 2011 2 consecutive terms (technically terms 2-3, and Third and Fourth times being elected)' 2*
30 80px Glove June 6 2011 July 5 2011 Second non-consecutive Term as US President 1*
31 80px Blank Keating July 6 2011 August 5 2011 1
32 80px Cerb August 6 2011 September 5 2011 Last President to serve in V2; Created eNPR, the White House radio program; Recovered all 51 U.S. regions; Wiped Serbia V3 1
33 80px Alexander_Auctoritas September 6 2011 November 5 2011 First President to serve in V3 2
34 Citizen1524045.jpg GoalieBCSC October 6 2011 December 5 2011 President during ONE invasion. 1
35 80px Oblige December 6 2011 April 5 2012 Served during ONE occupied eUSA. First PotUS to serve 4 consecutive terms. 4
36 80px Artela April 6 2012 June 5 2012 First Female President. 2
37 80px Israel Stevens June 6 2012 First American Military Party President. 1
38 80px Evry July 6 2012

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