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Books.jpg This page contains fictional information. (What's this?)

The Legend

Beginning of The New World

In the legends, Mother Freya was the one who created the world, but that is not fully true, in the book The Mother´s Love it speaks of how Freya "Recreated" the world after the "Old World" had collapsed and entered a new era. As the Legend goes, Freya was born from two wolves that had managed to survive in the ruins of the Old World, the remaining world was i world filled with chaos and havoc and its told nothing could have survived in there.

But as Freya grow older and started finding the old snow covered ruins interesting she soon found a lot of old carvings and images all over the ruins. The images was showing a world, even more beautiful and full of adventures she could never have imagined. And as she started playing near the ruins, imagining that she was in the world, the area around her started changing. The thick and cold snow started melting and soon green grass appear, as she notices this she started to imagine that world on the ruins even more, and soon as far as her eyes could see she saw how the snow started to melt.

That is the legend of how "The Old world" became "The New World" and how Freya created the humans and all living. Though not all in the Legends are fully true. The truth is that most of such things already had existed and was still existing, but not near Freya.

The Book

Grass and Snow

In the book "Grass and Snow" the greatest prophets describes not just how Freya created the Northern people, but how she continued a legacy that she might at that time not known of. It is said that Freya was not the first "Northern" god, but that it had been another before her, and another before that one as well. And that Freya was the offspring from from the latest one.

The book also explains how Freya dident "Create" the Northern world, she "Recreated" it from what she thought "The Old World" looked like, the Old World being the world of her ancestors.

The book also tells how we should all be happy for the lie we are living and are being raised in, and not having to be living in the "Rising World" (Rad lower down for "The Rising World)

The book also explains how the differences on children would be if they are born during the Warm period or the Cold period of time during the year. the ones who are born during winter will mostly become strong, independent and often persons of leadership. The ones born during the warm period are the ones who has a good "feeling" for most things, many people born during the warm period are after Painters, scholars or people of administration.

The Rising World

The time of change

The Rising World was the step between the old and the new world, this time was the time that Freya was told to have been young and was still playing near the ruins of the old world. It was at this time that the world was at its worst, People who in the Southern part of the world, who had been both mighty and strong once was quickly falling apart. But as time went, the World was slowly becoming more Stable. it was then Freya started to recreate the world as she imagined it.

Freya's World

The mother´s dream

As Freya's world started to grow, so did she, and her Powers as well, she started to see how her own children started running around and playing, finding adventures in her world, and it made her happy. But one thing was bugging her, that her children wouldn't see her world with the same joy as she did when she first saw it. Se decides that the world she "made" would only be seen for half a year, the other half would be like the world she grew up in, in visible that means.

As time went she started feeling great joy of what she had "created" her children would now live in her dream world, where green grass could bee seen as far as the eyes could see and where the sun would keep them warm, and they would also live in the world she grew up in, where it is cold and strengthening, making sure her children would appreciate her work and the world that others in the South took for granted.