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Elijah Abbot was born in the New World in Jan 11, 2010. Real life bulgarian, he has also mainly played for eBulgaria. He was brought to the New World as part of the first massive baby-boom in eBulgaria, known as "the first January baby-boom". In his early days he has spent time in the first eBulgarian Army, for 2 months he was ambassador of eBulgaria in eSerbia. During the days of eRepublik Rising (V2) he joined the small eMalaysian community and tried to help them fight the serbian PTO in their country. There he got his first Congressman medal and his first BH. After coming back to eBugaria Elijah Abbot has been keeping a low profile. Not really involved in the political life, neither having much of a social or economical activity. In May 2011 he joined the Amateur Squad, part of which he still is, carrying on his avatar one of his most beloved muppet-heroes, the Swedish Chef. For a short time he was even Commander of the Amateur Squad MU. November - December 2013 he got elected in the Bulgarian congress in the lists of the party Glasut na Bulgaria. It was the first Bulgarian congress after several months of Romanian occupation.