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Books.jpg This article contains fictional information. (What's this?)
Avataronian Ministry of Communication
Logo of Avataronian Ministry of Communication
Owner Padi di sawahV2
Headquarters Flag-Indonesia.jpgJava
Founder Emorfion
Services managing the Communication contents of Avataronia
Colours red, sky blue, deep blue and white

The Avataronian Ministry of Communication (AMC) is the ministry that controls all the communication media, massages, organization the concern Flag-Avataronia.png Avataronia


The AMC deals with alot of matter, all of them ar mentioned below.

Submitticket.gifOfficial Massages

The AMC is incharge of sending official masseges of the Avataronian Government to all of the Avataronians. Each massage will contein at the tope of it these next sentences:

 Avataronian Empire official document 

and below

 Avataronian Ministry of Communication 

Icon-war.png In-Battle Communication

The AMC is also incharge of selivering official massages to the Avataronian Armed Forces soldiers, through the Ministry of Defence. But in that case of that, the massage will be titled as the Ministry of Defence.