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[[File:Notes-icon.gif]] [[File:Rank icon.png]] [[File:Icon congress donation.jpg]] [[File:Tab politics.png]] [[File:Tab military.png]] [[File:Tab administration.png]] [[File:Tab economy.png]] [[File:Build.png]] [[File:Icon informations.png]] [[File:Icon diary.png]] [[File:Icon avatar.png]] [[File:Icon quotes.png]] [[File:Icon timeline.png]] [[File:Icon goals.png]] [[File:Icon achievements.png]] [[File:Icon economy.png]] [[File:Icon military.png]] [[File:Icon-law valid.gif]] [[File:Icon-law invalid.gif]]
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=Citizen template=
  |Society= show
  |national rank=
  |birth=Day 1451 <br> {{Day|1451|from=erep}}
  |residence= {{FlagBall|-}} -
  |party= {{eLink|party|id|name}}
  |newspaper= {{eLink|newspaper|id|name}}
  |Politics= show
  |Military= show
  |army= {{eLink|unit|id|name}}
  |military rank=
  |aircraft rank=
  {{RowV2|True Patriot Damage|{{SmFlag|Romania}} Romania 277,794,988}}
  {{RowV2|Top Campaign Damage|{{SmFlag|Peru}} Peru 502,481,833}}

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  |show unawarded=

  |Freedom Fighter=
  |Hard Worker=
  |Congress Member=
  |Country President=
  |Media Mogul=
  |Battle Hero=
  |Sky Hero=
  |Campaign Hero=
  |Resistance Hero=
  |Super Soldier=
  |Society Builder=
  |Top Fighter=
  |True Patriot=
  |Prestige Hunter=

  |Party President=

   |Liberator Country=
  |Dictator Trainee=
   |Dictator Trainee Country=
  |True Dictator=
   |True Dictator Country=



{{Freedom Fighter|}}
{{Congress medal|}}
{{True Patriot|}}

Politics example


Monarchy of Belgium
New title Count of Antwerp


MU Template


  |access policy=
  |recruitment rank=